The One About My Wisconsin Adventures, Volume One



On Friday Squishy and I boarded a BART train to San Francisco International Airport, to fly to St. Paul and visit my family.



As usual, Squish was very excited.

We got to the airport and through security quickly and with little issues. Except for Squish taking off and darting through the body scanner while I was trying to fold up the stroller to go through security. One of the TSA guys nabbed him on the other side. Then I forgot to take my net book out of my backpack, so they had to run my bag through the x-ray again. Good thing I was a single parent travelling with an overexcited, over-sugared toddler. The TSA people were very accommodating and sympathetic to my forgetfulness.

Momma needed her coffee, and I was surprised and slightly tempted by the cafe’s bakery display.


Then I let Squish tear around in the almost-empty terminal to burn some energy off.



Duty-free, yay! Closed at 8 am? Boo!

The flight was smooth and uneventful. Squish was distracted by eating puff treats and giving his toy phone to other passengers to take a call for him.

We got to my folks’ house in Wisconsin late afternoon. While I “helped” mom fix up dinner,



(this is how I help) Grampa showed Squish how to play the drums.



That right there is every parent’s dream.

The cool thing (well, one of them) about my folks’ house is they live a short distance away from Willow River State Park, a really nice little state park with lots of trails, a lake fit for swimming and fishing, and a beautiful waterfall. Dad and I headed out there Saturday morning so I could do my 4-mile run on some actual trails, as opposed to busy city streets with lots of traffic to keep me from my pace.



Check out the huge chunk of river foam. That’s nasty.

It was a really nice day for a run, and not as hot as I expected. I even bought a new running top in anticipation for hot temps.



I can’t duck face. But I’m sweating like a thug.

I forgot my sunglasses so my dad loaned me a hat. With the hat on I couldn’t take in all of the beautiful trees and scenery, so when I was in the shade of the trees I would turn it around. And look ridiculous.


However no one can see my nonsense here. I got my run on, and it was awesome.Image

Slow, but awesome. Hills kick my butt, yo.

Then I had a snack.


Then lunch.


Baby spinach, salad greens, salmon, olive oil, and some of that crunchy salad toppings that come in a little shake jar.

I think I’ve inundated you enough with pointless weekend details for one post. Coming up in Volume 2: Labor Day Weekend Adventures – my 6 or 7.5 mile run, and a million little cupcakes.



2 thoughts on “The One About My Wisconsin Adventures, Volume One

  1. Glad you’re having fun in Minnesota! I’m sure it’s a nice change from the constant traffic and sounds from SF.

    PS: Your dad seems like such a bad ass! I don’t know if it’s just the picture but the lights make it seem like their practicing their set list for their next tour date. 😉

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