The One Where I Find New Back Exercises

Good morning, Karl!


I somehow hurt my back doing squats yesterday. It’s kind of hard to put shoes on now. I’m not even sure what I did or how I did it. I warmed up on the Smith machine with the bar and felt fine. Then I loaded a barbel with some 10’s and … nope. Not happening. Anything bending over was a big no. So I did a bunch of lunges, leg extentions/curls, and anything that didn’t involve bending over. I know I need to work my lower back more, but I’m not sure how to do that. I used to do back extentions, but the gym doesn’t have one of those special chair thingys for it. You know, these things:


Anyway, so I tried to do a modified version by laying on a bench and lifting my legs behind me. I guess it’s called a prone hip extention? Anyway, that is how I shredded my glutes yesterday. Running my 4 miles this morning was a PIA, literally. At least I got it done.

So now I’m on the hunt for some good lower back exercises.

In other news, we have food in the house again! Yay!


Lunch was a massive baby kale salad with heirloom tomato, bell pepper, goat cheese crumbles, evoo, balsamic vinegar, and sesame seeds. Paired with a sausage sauteed with onion and peppers. So. Many. Veggies. I was a full and happy girl.

But Duke thinks we need more bacon.


Oh, and I found out that I never actually registered for my race coming up in December. I received my voucher, but apparently never went and registered. Nor could I find my email with the voucher information. I figured I was out of luck, but I emailed the race people anyway, and they sent me a new voucher! I hope it works, but either way I was very impressed and pleased at their promptness in dealing with my idiocy. So, North Face Endurance Challenge Series, here I come! Please don’t rain again.