On One Hand or the Other


On one hand, it’s Friday! *happydancehappydancehappydance*


On the other hand, I’m reeeeely going to miss this walk.


Only 3 more weeks in downtown SF before I being my new job south of the city.


We received our lease renewal notice today. Now we have to decide if we’re going to stay where we’re at for another year or move down towards San Jose closer to our jobs. Oh, decisions. Not bad problems to have, at all.

On one hand, my workout this morning sucked something awful. I was totally sore, tired, and unmotivated.

On the other hand, I suited up and went to the gym anyway. I’m on a 9-day workout streak and want to hit a record of 12 consecutive workout days. I focused on the things I could and liked to do, and ignored the stuff I shouldn’t and didn’t want to do. My back still doesn’t want me to bend over (putting on shoes is painful) so I did a bench press progression, some shoulder presses, rows, and a ton of stretching and foam roller love. My legs and I are in a love/hate relationship right now.

On one hand, I can’t wait for Squish to actually TALK TO ME. It is SO frustrating for both of us when he can’t communicate what he wants. Mealtime is agonizing because he stands around the kitchen whining and pointing while I grab things right and left saying, “Do you want milk? Do you want apple? Do you want cheese?” The rush of relief when he finally accepts what is offered with a cute little, “Ah” and toddles off is indescribable. I imagine it’s similar to what the guys that found the Rosetta Stone felt.

On the other hand, he’s already getting too big too fast. Once he starts talking that means we won’t be able to shut him up and are pretty much trading one problem for another. I think that’s all parenting is, really. Trading one set of problems and worries for another over and over for the rest of your life.

We have some fun stuff planned for this weekend. Having friends over tonight, maybe going to check out the “big boats” at America’s Cup tomorrow. And I need to make it back to the Farmers Market to see if the peaches are still incredible.

Are you in a crossroads with life stuff? Any wild and crazy weekend hijinks planned?