Long Run Procrastination Techniques

It’s Monday already? I thought we had Monday last week …

I spent part of my weekend trying procrastinating to avoid my runs, part of my weekend running, and part of my weekend doing actual weekend-like stuff.

Saturday morning I did an easy 4-miler up and down the Embarcadero. It was actually a fabulous time to run, I’m sort of surprised that I don’t run at 7 am more often on Saturday mornings. Then on the other hand, I’m not. 7 am on a Saturday of my own volition? WTH is wrong with me?

The only other folks out were other runners, until a cruise ship docked and I happened to run in front of the terminal as hundreds of passengers and their luggage were pouring out into taxis. I may have hurdled more than one roll-y suitcase.


Cruise ships are huuuuuge.

It was a pretty morning, nonetheless.


And I made it home. Woot.


Post-run greek yogurt with pineapple and grapes. ‘Cause that was the fruit we had in the house.


Nonfat yogurt, blech. I grabbed the wrong container at Costco. But it went down just fine.

Then for some toddler selfies …


Before we headed to the piers to watch the America’s Cup race.




I know nothing about sailing. “Go swiftly, boats! Beat the opponent, soundly! In the scrimmage!”

Then we came home and everybody napped.

Then Squish wanted to wear my boots as gloves.


I love Duke’s “I don’t know this kid” attitude. And yes, Squish is wearing a Hooter’s “Future Wingman” t-shirt and no pants. We are attentive and conscientious parents.

I also have about 80 screenshots of this on my phone. I think someone was playing with it.


Sunday I procrastinated on my 7-mile run a lot. I made french toast. I cleaned both bedrooms. I did laundry. I Netflixed. I dug out this delicious candle with which to fragrance the apartment.


And then I finally put on my big girl panties and got on with it around 7 pm. Which was a bad time to start with a Giants game, a 49ers game, and America’s Cup all getting out at the same time. Fortunately I found some solace behind AT&T Park. And a sunset.


Aaaand, I’m done. My hips and knees hurt so much trying to go to bed last night. I stretched. I rolled. I even broke out the little massage stick thing. Hulk had to put up with a lot of tossing and turning for a couple hours. So this morning I elected to do a 20-min hip opening yoga podcast and call it good. I was SO STIFF. Forget touching my toes; I couldn’t even bend over and touch my knees. It was horrible. We’ll see what shape my legs are in for my tempo run tomorrow. In the meantime, more stretching, and lots of it.

Egads, who thought actually training for a half marathon this time would be so much work and pain?

Did you go do fun stuff this weekend?

How often do you stretch? I know I don’t stretch nearly enough.