I Ran Too Much, But That’s Okay

Monday afternoon, I was suddenly hit by a bus, metaphorically.


I was perfectly fine, then the outsides of my neck and throat started to feel swolen, and my body was achy. Feverish-achy without the fever. Rather than go home and work out like I had planned, I decided to go home and lay low. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was less achy but my throat and neck still hurt. So I skipped my run and went back to bed. I was a little preoccupied with the worry that I missed my first planned training run, but tried to shrug it off, because I probably needed the rest more than the running. Instead,  I took a bubble bath with the latest issue of “Runners Magazine”. That would surely take my mind off of things.

Yesterday morning, my throat was almost better and to reading “Runner’s Magazine” the previous night, my legs were itching for their stride drill. So I took to the road.

Normally, I have a well-measured out-and-back along the Embarcadero that is just over 4 miles long. But my workout has me do 4 miles then 4 20-second strides with 2 minutes recovery in between. Which means I need just under 5 miles distance to complete the run. I thought that if I ran up to Pier 39 then down to AT&T park and up 3rd street that the route would be just over 5 miles. Well, it ended up almost 6 mi. That’s okay, I didn’t need to get to work on time, did I?


Whatever. It was a great run.


Oh, I didn’t realize until over a mile in that my GPS was turned off. I am very detail-oriented.

In a completely random and unrelated note, there was a bunch of commotion outside the office yesterday afternoon. I looked outside to see the office across the street was doing a team-building group activity that involved a rock-paper-scissors tournament. You can’t make this stuff up.


Sorry for the horrible picture. They don’t clean our windows. Seriously, it’s like a historic building or something and they don’t have a way to mount the scaffolding for the window washers.

Did you ever run a lot farther than you should have? I am normally an expert at running my miles and not a step further.

How would you fare in a rock-paper-scissors tournament?