Santa Cruz Adventures, Volume 2

Good morning, blog world!

I am hear to weave the captivating tale of our second day in Santa Cruz. In case you didn’t get enough beautiful beach shots last time.

The first rule of bringing a baby or toddler to a hotel with you is you can pretty much guarantee that no one will sleep. Squish was up at 3 am, 4 am, 5:30 am, and finally up and ready to go all bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30 am. Hulk and I were not. ¬†Since I had to run anyway, I thought I’d give Hulk an extra hour of toddler-free sleep and take Squish to find coffee.

I was glad I did. The sun was just rising and it was a gorgeous morning on the beach. I found a coffee shop close by and had completely forgotten that I came here for coffee a million years ago when Hulk was in a bike race nearby. Firefly Coffee House is a cute little coffee bar with homemade bagels and pastries. It’s one of those coffee shops with old, lounge-y chairs and shelves full of books to borrow and old games like chess or Scrabble to play while you kick back with friends (or let your toddler play with while you slam a bagel and coffee). We got there just as the first batch of bagels was coming out of the oven.


I got Squish a banana bread to hold him over for the bagel. Since they were so fresh-out-the-oven, they were too hot to cut into and we had to wait a few.


Darn, I hate waiting because my bagel is TOO fresh. I chose an herb-topped bagel with plain cream cheese. Which I enjoyed bites in between trying to keep Squish from throwing Scrabble tiles around.


Then we walked to the beach as the sun peaked out through the fog.


And played on the strange seating structures.


Then I dropped Squish with Hulk for some manly man time while I headed out for my 8-miler. It was terrible.


I hate running along the coast.


Seriously, who would like this?


Okay, actually, it hurt a lot; but the views and weather were so gorgeous I can’t complain. I was pushing it close to check-out time when I got back, so I took a quick dunk in the ocean to ease my throbbing legs (the Smirnoff’s might not have been a good idea, in hindsight) and got cleaned up and packed as I slammed an pictured apple and the last of the deli chicken. Then we toodled around the boardwalk some more until we said adieu to Santa Cruz and started making our way North along the PCH. Somewhere we stopped and I grabbed some fruity electrolyte “health” water thingy.

In Half Moon Bay, we decided to drop in at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel there.


No big deal, just spent our afternoon at the Ritz.

The property is on a golf course overlooking the ocean with public access and lots of overlooks and picnic areas. Squish and I terrorized the gardens while Hulk chilled out in the sunshine.


Slightly pink-cheeked, we all headed back to SF. Hulk whipped us up a quick and easy pasta with chicken.


I barely thought to snap the picture before I devoured it. I was so. hungry.

It will be interesting to see how my legs hold up this week. After a crappy night of sleep, lots of sun, a little alcohol, and not nearly enough recovery food after my long run yesterday, I may not have a stellar training week. I plan on taking it easy today and see how my run goes tomorrow. Whatever happens, I’m down with. You have to take time to live a little, too.

How do you like to recover after long/hard workouts? Or long/hard non-workouts if you don’t really work out? Sometimes I need to recover from my long nap with another nap.

In Other News:

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