What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #2

It’s Wednesday already? This week is just flying by. I still feel like I’m trying to get caught up from the weekend.

Any-hoo, here is attempt #2 at What I Ate Wednesday, from Peas and Crayons. To be perfectly honest, yesterday was sort of a weird day, and I didn’t happen to catch everything that went in my face. Oh, the horror. But here’s how it all went down:

I pre-gamed for my run with an egg. Again. You’ve seen eggs. I’ve posted my eggs. There was nothing particularly special about this egg. Plus, my phone was in the other room and I didn’t want to grab it because I was in a self-imposed rush to get out the door.

When I returned from my run, I had my usual fruit and yogurt, this time with mango,


And another 2 eggs topped with a sprinkle of cheese.


I also had 2 things of coffee with half and half. Ooh, and I got to start a new notebook today! I love the first entry in a new notebook. It’s like the first day of school all over again.


Later at work, my boss invited me to lunch with her in between meetings. My boss is super cool, so I ditched going home to join her at a new-to-me food court nearby. I’m definitely going there again, it was in one of the downtown office buildings that used to be the old San Francisco post office. The architecture is very art deco, with a lot of the original post office features incorporated into the design, and in the food court atrium there is a giant fountain that falls from the ceiling. Super cool. Anyway, since I was eating with my boss I felt weird photographing my Korean noodle soup with beef, chicken, and pork. But it was yummy. And surprisingly filling. I couldn’t get enough of the beef broth.

I had my massahhhge after work, and man did she go to town on my bum hamstring. I’m sore today, but that was exactly what I needed. Then I zipped home because we had a meeting with a nearby family to look into a nanny share for Squish. So I slammed a can o’ tuna and a few unpictured crackers before we shot out the door.


Once you go tuna in olive oil, you can’t go back to water-packed.  I can eat this stuff straight out of the can, it’s so flavorful and doesn’t get that dry texture that water-packed does.

After our appointment it was starting to get a little late for Sir Squisherton, so when we came home I put him to bed. Then Hulk and I teleconferenced with another nanny candidate. We may have been drinking a glass of unpictured wine while interviewing the potential nanny. Because we’re classy parents.

Then Hulk and I tag-teamed dinner. He boiled the pasta and cooked the sausage while I mixed in butter and parmesan to make the sauce.


I didn’t actually eat it sideways. That would have been messy.

Then I had another glass of unpictured wine. So much for no drinking on school nights.

Time to get the Squish up for the day and head off to work. I hope all of you super awesome people have a super awesome Wednesday!