What I Ate Wednesday #3 – Dine and Dash

Good morning!

This is going to be yet another “dine and dash” post, as my alarm just told me it’s time to leave for work but I am not dressed yet. Typical Wednesday!

Any-hoo, I had sort of a distracted day yesterday. Had a banana with almond butter “sandwich” to fuel my almost-5 mile run in the morning. Followed by some foam roller lovin’. Complete with awkward gym pics.



But in true self-care style, I made the effort to get my stretch and foam roll on, since my leggies handle the weekly running pounding so much better that way. I skipped my long run on Sunday (forshame.) so I was really anxious and raring to go yesterday morning. My legs, however, were not. All day at work they were super achy, stiff, and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon sitting on my tennis ball to relieve the sharp pains from my hamstring. Plus, my foot is starting to get these shooting pains that feel like knives stabbing me in my heel. I’m not sure if I need to do more yoga/foam rolling/ice baths or not. Time to experiment with some recovery methods to see what helps me survive in one piece through December. Because, you know, it’s just pain. There’s no way I can stop running or anything.

Breakfast was on-the-go. I picked up a breakfast burrito and coffee from the Sausalito Cafe on my way to the office. I love this place for on-the-way-to-work breakfast. The owner is super nice and loves to chat, and the food is outstanding.


(Ugh, I hate pics of half-eaten food. But I keep forgetting to take a shot before my hunger overcrowds my senses.)

I went home for lunch and (as usual) tried to get too much stuff done on my lunch break. So I had to pack up my pork chop and celery to eat back at work.


Again, with the half-eaten food! I tried to hide the bites with the celery. Eww.

Dinner was a glorious experiment making shepherd’s pie, but my phone was in the other room and my brother came over so through the chaos I never took a picture. But I had a modest square with a couple of beers. Because I believe in balance.

There was also copious amounts of coffee with half & half and cups of tea thrown in sporadically throughout the day.

And now I am very late. Have a happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #3 – Dine and Dash

  1. Emily, you need to ice that foot. Freeze a bottle of water and roll your foot while at your desk. Also do a lot of calf stretches. Hopefully it isn’t the beginning of plantar faciatiis.

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