Treat Yourself Tuesday #3 – Coconut, German Beer, and Self-Love

It’s another Tuesday! Another Treat Yourself Tuesday from Olives ‘n’ Wine, that is!


And another opportunity to spill all the self-love beans I’ve been holding onto from the week! Okay, some of this you may already know about. But here it all is, abridged.

So, I still can’t find the coconut Chobani yogurt that Ashley keeps talking about. And that makes me sad. But I did find that Chobani Flip yogurt in coconut. Well, Almond Coco Loco, which has coconut AND chocolate chips, so it’s pretty much better. I snacked on that Friday at work with a coconut water. Then I went and got some Blue Bottle coffee, which is pretty much the best coffee in the world. #justsaying


Saturday night we accepted an impromptu invitation from some new friends to check out Oktoberfest. The venue was at Pier 48, just behind AT&T Park. We indulged just a tad.


I have such a freakish evil expression in that photo. But in context, it makes sense. I mean, you had me surrounded in tasty beer, delicious food, and polka music. The German in me couldn’t contain herself. That’s probably why this is all I was really up for doing on Sunday.


I was the mom on the playground with disheveled hair, massive Starbucks, and a general glazed look of malaise. Oh wait, we’re all parents. Everyone looked like that. Also, the teeter-totters these days require a surprisingly little amount of effort to make entertaining. I could launch Squish in the air and barely slosh my coffee.

Finally, I received contact from two of my dear friends yesterday. One was in town and had time to meet me for happy hour at a nearby restaurant. I indulged in postponing my post-work parental responsibilities to hang and gossip with a bestie. Even though it was brief, I was sooo happy and grateful we could fit in a little time in our schedules to get together.

My other dear friend, Alexis is launching a “The Self-Care Adventure Series: 30 days of wholehearted self-love” challenge, open to anyone who want to join in developing a new habit(s) of self-care and destressing. It can be whatever works for you – journal, bubble baths, taking time to breathe, talking to a friend, or anything that helps you decompress and reconnect. Make the time to savor in some self-love, and Tweet, Instagram, or post it to share with everyone. We’ll be using the hashtag #selfcareadventure on social media (follow her on Twitter at @alexis_marbach), and commenting on Alexis’ blog, to share and hold each other accountable as needed. Feel free to check it out and join in. It might give you some additional ideas on how to treat yourself. (Side note: I am so excited!!)

And now, I leave you with another Squishy dance jam.