Thursday. Yup.

This is my 104th published post! I didn’t even notice that I hit a triple-digit milestone on this little bloggy. I shall plan a special milestone edition post. Or not. We’ll see if I can come up with something good, then find the time to realize my idea to maybe half of its potential because I tend to procrastinate and I’m lazy.

Anyway, I’m at the Sausalito Cafe waiting for my breakfast burrito. I was a good girl and made breakfast at home, then I forgot to eat it. In my defense, I was pressed for time. When I wasn’t paying attention, Squish tried to stir the bowl of scrambled eggs that we’re sitting on the counter waiting for the pan over veggies to heat. He spilled the entire bowl all over the counter, floor, and in the utensil drawers. I probably could have been mean and left it for the new babysitter to take care of, but I’m not normally mean unless it’s for significant political or monetary advantages. Or if it’s just really, really entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, I had a kick ass run this morning. After my usual loop up the Embarcadero, I decided to cut back through Soma and hit some of the little hills there. I hadn’t worked hills very much, and since I was feeling really great and the race will be a hilly race I decided to go for it. Totally wasn’t a bad morning for a run.






Okay, I’m tired of typing on my phone. And my breakfast burrito is ready. So toodles for now!

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