Five Things Friday

It’s Friday! *happydancehappydancehappydance*

I’m feeling very creative today – okay, not really. I drank too much wine last night and don’t have the brain cells to put together a normal post. So I’m doing a cliche “Five Things Friday” post until my head heals enough to remember what I’m doing in life.

  1. The Folsom Street Fair is this weekend. Just another reminder on why I love San Francisco. If you prefer not to Google it, Folsom Street Fair is the largest BDSM and leather lifestyle festival in, like, the world or something. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced my assless chaps in a move, so I will not be attending this year. The good news is the fair takes place just a handful of blocks away from me, so we should be able to spectate from afar and experience all of the colorful SF characters running around the neighborhood.2. We are one workweek down from Alexis’s 30-day Self-Care Aventure! How are you doing? Drop by¬†her blog and check in when you get a chance.

    3. On Tuesday, KERF posted about a new service called CookSmarts. It’s a meal planning service that sends you weekly menus, recipes, and shopping lists to help get your home-cooked dinners organized. I cook almost all of our meals at home, and as much as I love the idea of meal planning I can never seem to get it together to execute it well. So I’m testing out CookSmarts next week with a free 4-day trial. We’ll see how it goes!

    4. We’ve lost our TV remote. Again. I really hope it didn’t go out the window.

    5. I start my new job on Tuesday! Woot!

How is your Friday going? Do you have any fun weekend plans in the works? Anyone attending Folsom?

And just because:

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