Burgers, Life Decisions, and a Dramatic Makeover

Happy Monday to you! We had a pleasant weekend over here. Lots of running, a little adventure, and a makeover filled our day planners.

I had planned on switching my long runs to Saturday so I could get it over with early in the weekend and not have it hang over my head while making more fun plans. But Friday night we hung out with some friends until late, so by the time I finally rolled out of bed Saturday morning it was already too late to beat the throngs of tourists along the Embarcadero. So I did my usual 4-miler and called it good.


Which was probably a good thing. My foot is still hurting. I took Karen’s advice and rolled my foot with a frozen bottle. But I don’t think she had this kind of bottle in mind. Well, you use what you have available, right?


I’m actually pretty bummed that Hulk left this wine in the freezer. It’s my favorite – Benziger Sangiacomo chardonnay. We intended to drink it Thursday night as part of a little celebration, but someone forgot about it and opened up another bottle. I found it Friday while putting groceries away and was impressed that the bottle didn’t break. The frozen liquid just pushed out the cork. It made for a good ice pack. A very expensive ice pack.

While I was icing my foot with the world’s most expensive ice pack, Squish received a makeover. He was getting shaggy.



The distinguished after:


Then we headed south to San Jose to look at apartments. We had to make a decision this weekend if we were going to renew our lease at our current place or move, and where we would move to if that was the decision. All that apartment touring made us hungry, so we stopped at Billy Berks in downtown San Jose for some refreshing burgers and brews.

And sweet potato fries for #TheSquish.


Burger-riffic. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was to be burger #1 for the day.


Then we met up with a friend in Palo Alto and explored a few residence options there. It’s right in between where Hulk and I will both work, so we wanted to check it out. We wandered University Ave and I resisted the lure of the Palo Alto Lululemon store. Then we picked up (or, I picked up) some iced coffee.

Armed with all of our research and decisions, we headed back to SF. On our way home we found ourselves hungry again and while stopping for gas picked up some Burger King takeout (burger #2!), parked on a sweet spot on Potrero Hill, and munched our burgers as we gazed at the view of downtown SF and weighed options.


The verdict? With a view like that, why would we leave? We signed our lease and will stay in SF another year.

And I’m glad we did, since my 10-mile run through Crissy Field Sunday was glorious.



Followed by compression socks, Netflix, and celebrating Interational Coffee Day with more than one well-crafted beverage.


Did you honor International Coffee Day on Sunday?

Any big life decisions made lately?

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