Five Things Friday #2

Happy Friday, bloggy peeps! I am once again blogging on my iPhone on Caltrain. I am fairly certain this shall be a regular occurrence. Now if Caltrain can only install wireless on the trains, I will be an unstoppable blogging machine on my commute. Or maybe I’ll do work. Meh.

The tough part about blogging while commuting is that I’m a little too distracted to write. So I’ll keep this easy with another “Five Things Friday” full of randomness. Which is funny since my posts are normally all about the random.

    1. Squish learned to jump this morning. He was helping me take out trash and on the way back from the chute I was being goofy and leaping down the hallway for his (okay, my) amusement. He laughed and started hopping himself. Then I caught him drawing on the wall with a crayon (classic rite of childhood passage, I know) and I told him sternly, “No! No crayon on wall! Paper, yes. Wall, no.” He looked shocked, then repeatedly pointed to the wall art and said, “No!” I think he understood. But I’m sure it’ll happen again.


    2. My bum really, really hurts from biking my measly 6 mile commute. I forgot that this is why I never picked up the bike again. The reintro period is brutal.

    3. My mom was in the Little Miss Nebraska patent back in the day. That’s where this photo came from. Aww!


    4. You know what I am loving working in a Silicon Valley start-up! Free food. Yup, we have a break room filled to the brim with snacks, sodas, and drinks. Like beer. I have beer at work. And the snacks are a good assortment of healthy and indulgent. I’m enjoying trying out all of the bars



    5. I tend to panic and make dumb decisions when I feel rushed. Leaving work to catch the train my first day, I was freaking out about making my connection. Plus, since I didn’t know how sweaty I would get on the bike, I wore yoga pants and changed my clothes when I got to the office. Leaving in a hurry, I grabbed my bike and headed to the elevator only to remember I was still wearing a skirt an heels. So I decided to drag my bike in with me to the nearest ladies’ room so I could change. I got in the ladies’ room and thought it would be weird if I left my bike out, so I brought it into the stall with me. I’m not sure what the other ladies in the restroom thought, me bursting through the door flushed and panicked dragging a clacking bicycle that’s smacking into every corner and trash can then dragging said bike into the stall with me. The good news is I made my train.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a great weekend, and make better decisions than I would make!