Now I’m Ready for the Weekend!

Boom! 11 miles, done.


It was kind of a slow and painful 11 miles. Kind of a mix between sluggish legs and my head just not being in the game. Plus, I tried out a new route to Golden Gate Park, and as I ran down Market past 6th St I immediately regretted my decision. Crappy neighborhoods always bum me out, but I only had one creepy weirdo lunge out at me. And an encounter with an agitated creepy weirdo with no pants. Dude, I’m from the Midwest. It was not in my upbringing to know how to gracefully handle creepy weirdos. Unless at a family reunion, of course.

Anyway, now I have the whole weekend to make plans that we don’t intend to follow through on because I’m waiting for Hulk to finish up at the computer and he’s waiting for me to put pants shoes on.

Have a happy Saturday!