Weekend Recap – Reads, Runs, and Reservoirs

I have a lot of to-dos to accomplish on my commute this morning:
– blog post
– order groceries from Safeway delivery
– call Fastrak on why my receiver isn’t responding when we go through tolls
– finish guest post for Alexis
– catch up on blogs
– work

About time I get cracking!

After my 11-miler Saturday, we did a lot of nothing. Which is exactly how I like it on weekends. Then I took Squish to the library. I picked up some kiddie books for him and grabbed myself this little gem:

20131007-081755.jpg (source)

It’s been a while since I read a real fiction book. I am hoping it will be a nice treat. Please tell me it’s a good book and won’t depress me with the plight of women’s rights in the Middle Ages.

Sunday we spent the afternoon with some friends at the Lafayette reservoir. Did not suck at all.


All of this weekend fun left Squish and myself with a case of the sniffles. He has a wet cough, and my nose won’t stop running. I’m hoping this is just a run-down-itis bug we can kick sooner than later.

But I still felt okay enough to run my 4 miles this morning.


It actually felt good to clear my nose out in the morning air. I saw a cruise ship coming in to dock. It must be cool being a passenger on one of those things, I bet it looks like you’re just floating next to the city.

Time for another fun-filled Monday. Go kick some ass this week, friends!