Thursday Wordsday

I wanted to do another “best of Pinterest” post for today. Is it just me, or has the “Humorous” category in Pinterest become less humorous lately? I used to find at least a few zingers upon perusal but now it feels inundated with references to TV shows I don’t watch, cliche memes, and a bunch of those “someecards” that are becoming less clever and more snotty.

But there are still minions. Minions are good.

20131010-082555.jpg (source)

So that’s cool.

History was made this morning. It’s been about two years since the last appearance of oats for breakfast. And this morning, they retuned. With a vengeance.


I blame you, blog world. You and all your overnight oats, pumpkin oats, and oats in an almost empty nut butter jar. I got oats on the brain and need to remind myself why I don’t do oats anymore. So Squish and I had a big ol’ bowl heaped with raisins, cinnamon, and milk. It was delicious. And now I have heartburn. And I want to nap. I guess that’s normal, though.

Breakfast is getting hard in the morning because whatever I make, Squish just isn’t interested in eating. But if course the mornings I don’t make him breakfast, he’s ravenous and ends up eating half of mine. Then I always forget if I need to make Hulk breakfast or not. It takes a lot longer to make breakfast for three people instead of one person. So if I invest the time in making the family breakfast, they better darn well eat it while it’s hot. Which almost never happens.

I want to go to yoga. I think I’ll go to yoga on Sunday.


I’m still fighting this bug. I took a Sudafed this morning. You know it’s real when I start to medicate, normally I prefer the natural relief routes. Yesterday I cut my run short to just over three miles. I wasn’t feeling it, and my hamstrings felt so tight I thought they would snap. So I spent some extra time on the foam roller when I got home. And I’m using this guy a lot more at work.


Here’s to a random, disjointed post. I think the Sudafed’s kicking in now.

Have a happy Friday Eve!