Purple Donuts



WordPress app, you have failed me again. I wrote a post this morning between sitting on BART and waiting in the plane waiting to taxi. But I can’t figure out how to post a draft I have saved. There is no “Okay, post this draft now” button in the WordPress interface. From what I can find, when you create an original draft you can either save it, or post immediately. Since I started the post on BART and finished it on the plane, I had to save the draft. Then I couldn’t figure out how to post the draft; the options are either to save it as a draft or cancel the edit. If there is a better way to post from my phone, I would love to know.

Anyway, long story short, my phone ate my post from this morning. So here it is again.

Saturday morning Squish and I went for a long overdue mommy-son date. I found out where Philz Coffee is down by the Caltrain station, so we walked there so I could get a delectable pour-over. Squish charmed the pastry counter guy into giving him a free donut with purple icing.


He was a happy kid as we wandered along the Mission Creek bike path, sitting incorrectly on the BOB.


Neither Hulk nor I wanted to cook Saturday night (not really different than any other night, I suppose), so we went to Thirsty Bear.


I was in a brew-tastic mood, and ordered the Panda Bear. I kid you not, it tasted like chocolate. It’s brewed with cacao nibs or something somewhere in the process (you can tell I know a lot about beer) and the chocolate flavor was there, but not overpowering like a hot chocolate. I should have had it for dessert.


Hulk ordered the caesar salad to keep his girlish figure, while Squish and I tag-teamed the flatbread. I recall it had bacon, kale, artichoke hearts, onion, and unicorn tears. Yup, that good.


Then on Sunday I ran 12 miles. I tried out a new route south. I call it the run-down-3rd-street-and-see-what-happens route. I will not be doing that again in the near future. It was … I suppose I would call it tedious and vacant. I didn’t really know what to expect; I ended up running through Soma, Dogpatch, and most of Bayview. But it was block after block of stoplights with no real views or “nice” places. I think one block had a tree. On the plus side, it was quiet with little traffic, and the weather was pleasantly cool for running. And I ran 12 miles. Bam, bitchez.

And now I’m in Pittsburgh. Woot. Time to try to unplug my ears from the flight and catch up on emails. And enjoy three splendid, child-free days. I don’t really know what to do with all of this peace and quiet.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!