Fried with Pittsburgh Recap

Omygosh, you guys. I am so fried. And I am sort of over mobile blogging. I will relish the next opportunity to blog from a real keyboard and not my iPhone.

I am just arriving home from my adventures, ready to finish out the week and make ready for our guests. We have a revolving door happening again with people coming and going, so it will not be a dull weekend. I want to take Monday off so I can spend more time with my Mom who is visiting this weekend, but with me just starting my job and our crazy project schedule I’m not sure if it’s wise. What would you do? I haven’t taken a vacation day in almost a year, since my last job was a contract position with no vacation pay. But I don’t really want to just skip off right after starting either. Boo, adult decisions!

In other news, Pittsburgh was fabulous. I love visiting cities for the first time. My meetings yesterday got out a bit early so I had time to wander the river walk before dinner with my coworkers.


I stayed just off of downtown, across from PNC Park where the Pittsburgh Pirates play.


I also saw the duck. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself being so close and not seeing the duck. I really don’t know what it’s about, other than its a traveling art project of sorts where this 40′ tall rubber ducky just appears in a prominent city. So … Yeah. Quack.


Since I was around coworkers for most meals I felt weird photographing my food. But I did sneak a shot at one place we are at for dinner called Seviche. It was a Cuban/Peruvian seafood and tapas place. I gorged on delicious ceviche preparations with ahi tuna and salmon, with a delicious orange-fennel salad with mint.


I love raw fish. That is so weird, but it’s true.

I also spent a ton of time hanging out in my Jammies in the hotel room, relishing in the fact that the only person I had to take care of was myself.


One relaxed mommy, even though it was a business trip.

I’m about to my stop, so have a great night, and I hope to see you all on my way to work tomorrow!

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