Self-Care and Permission

It’s standing room only in the train today, so I’m blogging with one hand holding up my bike. They should give out a blog award for this.

I love blogging. I love reading blogs. And I love all of you in the blogging community. This morning, my Bloglovin’ feed hit quadruple digits. And I realized that there is no way I can keep up with everyone. I thought I could use my commute time better, but it had been much more unpredictable than I thought.

I’ve been feeling more badly about this than I probably should or need to. I think of the bloggers I follow as my friends, and missing nearly a week’s worth of posts is like missing a phone call or email.

But in respect for my self-care adventure, I gave myself permission to hit the “read all” button in my feed and reorganize my blog roll a bit. At first I felt horribly guilty. Then I realized that I’m only one person, I’m juggling a lot, and sometimes you have to hit “All Read” and walk away.

What things in your life that are piling up can you hit “Read All”on?


And a city shot. Just ’cause.