Self-Care and Permission

It’s standing room only in the train today, so I’m blogging with one hand holding up my bike. They should give out a blog award for this.

I love blogging. I love reading blogs. And I love all of you in the blogging community. This morning, my Bloglovin’ feed hit quadruple digits. And I realized that there is no way I can keep up with everyone. I thought I could use my commute time better, but it had been much more unpredictable than I thought.

I’ve been feeling more badly about this than I probably should or need to. I think of the bloggers I follow as my friends, and missing nearly a week’s worth of posts is like missing a phone call or email.

But in respect for my self-care adventure, I gave myself permission to hit the “read all” button in my feed and reorganize my blog roll a bit. At first I felt horribly guilty. Then I realized that I’m only one person, I’m juggling a lot, and sometimes you have to hit “All Read” and walk away.

What things in your life that are piling up can you hit “Read All”on?


And a city shot. Just ’cause.

3 thoughts on “Self-Care and Permission

  1. OMG I hear you! I try and be really consistent with reading all the blogs that I follow but I find as I follow SO many blogs if I am not on top of my reading, literally every single day the reading can pile up and it either means I need to dedicate a big chunk of time to it or skipping reading posts. I actually hate skipping reading posts so try and put time aside when it happens but as you said in the interests of self care that doesn’t always happen.

    Oh and very impressed on the one handed blogging, you should get an award for that 😉

  2. A serious pat on the back for blogging on Caltrain. You are committed, lady! I usually read blogs in traffic and don’t let too many pile up in my Bloglovin, but I also don’t subscribe to each and every one. I just do the ones that I have became ‘friends’ with and some popular ones that I have been reading for a while.

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