I Can’t Handle Halloween

So, this is always the part of the week where I start freaking out. Monday is full of bewilderment that it’s not the weekend anymore, so I kind of move through it in a state of denial. Tuesday is usually my, “Okay, let’s do this!” day where I get all amped for the week and create extremely unrealistic to-do lists and goals for the days ahead. Wednesday is when it finally hits me that I did not do a good job of acknowledging the upcoming events and commitments that sounded great a week ago but now I actually have to follow through with them. Take Halloween. It’s the same day every year. I’ve known it was coming for weeks, months even. And I had done some casual research on what we’d do with the Squish now that Gramma’s got his costume all ready. Sneak preview for you:


Ahh! Too much cute.

Anyway, after checking around I found that our building might not be very trick-or-treaty. Most of the tenants are singles or couples with no kids, and there are a lot of corporate housing rentals that may or may not be vacant. The few families I do know that I talked to all go somewhere else for Halloween, like Berkeley. I am not taking Bart to go trick or treating, I’m just not. I’m worried enough about getting home with daylight to spare so I’m not adding public transit to the list of Things That Can Go Wrong.

I searched for community events, like a “Boo at the Zoo” sort of deal at the local parks and stuff. Turns out all of the festivities took place while we were in Omaha this weekend. I started getting sorta bummed and a little panicky yesterday when I realized that I had no idea where we could take Squish in his new costume. I mean, we could probably just dress him in it and go somewhere for dinner. He’s not going to remember his second Halloween, after all. But darn it, we didn’t go trick or treating last year because it was raining and he couldn’t walk yet, so I am very insistent that he gets at least one piece of candy in his little bucket on principle alone.

I sent out pleas for brainstorming help on Facebook and Twitter, and my aunt had a suggestion that I had considered but didn’t really research – local malls usually do trick-or-treating at certain stores. Duh, the Westfield is just a couple blocks away, and they ARE hosting trick-or-treating to kids in costume! Woot, problem solved!

Anyway, this is a very long and rambly post about my lack of knowledge of the children’s event world. I think things will get a little better once Squish starts school and I have other parents to clue me in on how things work in kiddie land, like how Halloween is actually now celebrated the weekend before the event, and so on. I’m sure there are other nuances to how you do things for kids vs. adults that I’m going to run into. It’s hard being the only parent you really know.

To make up for the long-winded post, here’s Squish and Duke last year’s Halloween, taking inventory of their loot.

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Handle Halloween

  1. I use to go to Seacliff every year when I was a tot. They give out SO MUCH candy seriously. The people are so rich I got full sized candy bars. Robin Williams lives there if you like the funny guy.

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