Purple Donuts



WordPress app, you have failed me again. I wrote a post this morning between sitting on BART and waiting in the plane waiting to taxi. But I can’t figure out how to post a draft I have saved. There is no “Okay, post this draft now” button in the WordPress interface. From what I can find, when you create an original draft you can either save it, or post immediately. Since I started the post on BART and finished it on the plane, I had to save the draft. Then I couldn’t figure out how to post the draft; the options are either to save it as a draft or cancel the edit. If there is a better way to post from my phone, I would love to know.

Anyway, long story short, my phone ate my post from this morning. So here it is again.

Saturday morning Squish and I went for a long overdue mommy-son date. I found out where Philz Coffee is down by the Caltrain station, so we walked there so I could get a delectable pour-over. Squish charmed the pastry counter guy into giving him a free donut with purple icing.


He was a happy kid as we wandered along the Mission Creek bike path, sitting incorrectly on the BOB.


Neither Hulk nor I wanted to cook Saturday night (not really different than any other night, I suppose), so we went to Thirsty Bear.


I was in a brew-tastic mood, and ordered the Panda Bear. I kid you not, it tasted like chocolate. It’s brewed with cacao nibs or something somewhere in the process (you can tell I know a lot about beer) and the chocolate flavor was there, but not overpowering like a hot chocolate. I should have had it for dessert.


Hulk ordered the caesar salad to keep his girlish figure, while Squish and I tag-teamed the flatbread. I recall it had bacon, kale, artichoke hearts, onion, and unicorn tears. Yup, that good.


Then on Sunday I ran 12 miles. I tried out a new route south. I call it the run-down-3rd-street-and-see-what-happens route. I will not be doing that again in the near future. It was … I suppose I would call it tedious and vacant. I didn’t really know what to expect; I ended up running through Soma, Dogpatch, and most of Bayview. But it was block after block of stoplights with no real views or “nice” places. I think one block had a tree. On the plus side, it was quiet with little traffic, and the weather was pleasantly cool for running. And I ran 12 miles. Bam, bitchez.

And now I’m in Pittsburgh. Woot. Time to try to unplug my ears from the flight and catch up on emails. And enjoy three splendid, child-free days. I don’t really know what to do with all of this peace and quiet.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Thursday Wordsday

I wanted to do another “best of Pinterest” post for today. Is it just me, or has the “Humorous” category in Pinterest become less humorous lately? I used to find at least a few zingers upon perusal but now it feels inundated with references to TV shows I don’t watch, cliche memes, and a bunch of those “someecards” that are becoming less clever and more snotty.

But there are still minions. Minions are good.

20131010-082555.jpg (source)

So that’s cool.

History was made this morning. It’s been about two years since the last appearance of oats for breakfast. And this morning, they retuned. With a vengeance.


I blame you, blog world. You and all your overnight oats, pumpkin oats, and oats in an almost empty nut butter jar. I got oats on the brain and need to remind myself why I don’t do oats anymore. So Squish and I had a big ol’ bowl heaped with raisins, cinnamon, and milk. It was delicious. And now I have heartburn. And I want to nap. I guess that’s normal, though.

Breakfast is getting hard in the morning because whatever I make, Squish just isn’t interested in eating. But if course the mornings I don’t make him breakfast, he’s ravenous and ends up eating half of mine. Then I always forget if I need to make Hulk breakfast or not. It takes a lot longer to make breakfast for three people instead of one person. So if I invest the time in making the family breakfast, they better darn well eat it while it’s hot. Which almost never happens.

I want to go to yoga. I think I’ll go to yoga on Sunday.


I’m still fighting this bug. I took a Sudafed this morning. You know it’s real when I start to medicate, normally I prefer the natural relief routes. Yesterday I cut my run short to just over three miles. I wasn’t feeling it, and my hamstrings felt so tight I thought they would snap. So I spent some extra time on the foam roller when I got home. And I’m using this guy a lot more at work.


Here’s to a random, disjointed post. I think the Sudafed’s kicking in now.

Have a happy Friday Eve!

Eats of Lately

Happy Wednesday! In with Tara in that intros are the hardest. But I’m like that with everything. Let’s cut to the chase, I don’t have patience for pleasantries.

Today’s supposed to be a What I Ate Wednesday, but I have been pretty lousy managing the food log lately. I usually snap a picture of my meals and journal all my meals/snacks in my notebook, but the last couple weeks that habit has sort of fallen to the wayside while I’m working on other habits like making my train on time. I’ll need to work on this new normal. In the meantime, here is some random eats that I did capture recently, in no particular order.

Sunday night Hulk expressed desire to brown bag his lunch, so I offered to do a lunch cook-up for the two of us. Hamburger, onions, spices, peas and carrots were fried up and distributed into containers to grab-and-go. Tuesday I paired my container with a couple of mini peanut butter cups. Strictly for artistic appeal, I swear.


Mid-morning snack of Chobani, a ripe plum, and a small sprinkle of granola.


One of my Cooksmarts dinners. Note to self, I still need to do a recap on that. Salmon with teriyaki sauce, cauliflower, and cucumber salad.


Brekkie! A not-so-ripe peach under a mountain of Greek yogurt of questionable expiration (I had to scrape a little mold from the container; the rest was destined to garbage disposal-ville), cinnamon, an coffee.


Honestly, I am impressed that I had roughly a full day’s worth if eats on my camera roll.

In other news, in still battling this little bug that’s given me the sniffles and a bit of a cough. Squish has the same thing, so now I know where it came from. It’s not too bad, it’s just annoying. Especially when I realize I am no where near a tissue or something to blow my nose with, and I’m stuck doing that super-annoying sniffing.

The only thing worse than intros is closing. Okay, I’m done now. Have a most wonderful day!

Treat Yourself Tuesday – Tips for Cheap & Calorie-Free Treating

Who’s excited for another Treat Yourself Tuesday?

It’s time to indulge with Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine, celebrating the little things and enjoying ourselves.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m quite cheap. And I’m forever pretending to watch the waistline. So treating myself with shopping or food, while being awesome, isn’t always my go-to goodie. So if you’re on a budget and a “diet”, what are you to do?

Here are my findings:

    1. Take TIME. The most indulgent of them all. Go for a walk. Take a bath. Watch a bad movie. Read a trashy magazine (or internet tabloid blog if you’re still cheap like me). Do something completely non-productive that makes you happy.


    2. Enjoy nature or the great outdoors. When you live in a concrete jungle like I do, it’s so refreshing to get outside, like, a real outside. Find a park and got romping through the wilderness. Even if it’s well-manicured.


    3. Make part of the same-old same-old something special. Instead of pulling on the ponytail and yoga pants, thrown on a nice dress and that necklace you love but never wear. Burn the nice smelly candle while you fold laundry (but keep the sock pile well away from the flame. Trust me on that one). Find little ways to make the things you do every day a little more fun, even if it’s something as silly as going for the lavender breeze instead of the orange zest dish soap.


What other ways can you treat yourself that don’t involve money or food?

Thanks for reading!

Weekend Recap – Reads, Runs, and Reservoirs

I have a lot of to-dos to accomplish on my commute this morning:
– blog post
– order groceries from Safeway delivery
– call Fastrak on why my receiver isn’t responding when we go through tolls
– finish guest post for Alexis
– catch up on blogs
– work

About time I get cracking!

After my 11-miler Saturday, we did a lot of nothing. Which is exactly how I like it on weekends. Then I took Squish to the library. I picked up some kiddie books for him and grabbed myself this little gem:

20131007-081755.jpg (source)

It’s been a while since I read a real fiction book. I am hoping it will be a nice treat. Please tell me it’s a good book and won’t depress me with the plight of women’s rights in the Middle Ages.

Sunday we spent the afternoon with some friends at the Lafayette reservoir. Did not suck at all.


All of this weekend fun left Squish and myself with a case of the sniffles. He has a wet cough, and my nose won’t stop running. I’m hoping this is just a run-down-itis bug we can kick sooner than later.

But I still felt okay enough to run my 4 miles this morning.


It actually felt good to clear my nose out in the morning air. I saw a cruise ship coming in to dock. It must be cool being a passenger on one of those things, I bet it looks like you’re just floating next to the city.

Time for another fun-filled Monday. Go kick some ass this week, friends!

Now I’m Ready for the Weekend!

Boom! 11 miles, done.


It was kind of a slow and painful 11 miles. Kind of a mix between sluggish legs and my head just not being in the game. Plus, I tried out a new route to Golden Gate Park, and as I ran down Market past 6th St I immediately regretted my decision. Crappy neighborhoods always bum me out, but I only had one creepy weirdo lunge out at me. And an encounter with an agitated creepy weirdo with no pants. Dude, I’m from the Midwest. It was not in my upbringing to know how to gracefully handle creepy weirdos. Unless at a family reunion, of course.

Anyway, now I have the whole weekend to make plans that we don’t intend to follow through on because I’m waiting for Hulk to finish up at the computer and he’s waiting for me to put pants shoes on.

Have a happy Saturday!

Five Things Friday #2

Happy Friday, bloggy peeps! I am once again blogging on my iPhone on Caltrain. I am fairly certain this shall be a regular occurrence. Now if Caltrain can only install wireless on the trains, I will be an unstoppable blogging machine on my commute. Or maybe I’ll do work. Meh.

The tough part about blogging while commuting is that I’m a little too distracted to write. So I’ll keep this easy with another “Five Things Friday” full of randomness. Which is funny since my posts are normally all about the random.

    1. Squish learned to jump this morning. He was helping me take out trash and on the way back from the chute I was being goofy and leaping down the hallway for his (okay, my) amusement. He laughed and started hopping himself. Then I caught him drawing on the wall with a crayon (classic rite of childhood passage, I know) and I told him sternly, “No! No crayon on wall! Paper, yes. Wall, no.” He looked shocked, then repeatedly pointed to the wall art and said, “No!” I think he understood. But I’m sure it’ll happen again.


    2. My bum really, really hurts from biking my measly 6 mile commute. I forgot that this is why I never picked up the bike again. The reintro period is brutal.

    3. My mom was in the Little Miss Nebraska patent back in the day. That’s where this photo came from. Aww!


    4. You know what I am loving working in a Silicon Valley start-up! Free food. Yup, we have a break room filled to the brim with snacks, sodas, and drinks. Like beer. I have beer at work. And the snacks are a good assortment of healthy and indulgent. I’m enjoying trying out all of the bars



    5. I tend to panic and make dumb decisions when I feel rushed. Leaving work to catch the train my first day, I was freaking out about making my connection. Plus, since I didn’t know how sweaty I would get on the bike, I wore yoga pants and changed my clothes when I got to the office. Leaving in a hurry, I grabbed my bike and headed to the elevator only to remember I was still wearing a skirt an heels. So I decided to drag my bike in with me to the nearest ladies’ room so I could change. I got in the ladies’ room and thought it would be weird if I left my bike out, so I brought it into the stall with me. I’m not sure what the other ladies in the restroom thought, me bursting through the door flushed and panicked dragging a clacking bicycle that’s smacking into every corner and trash can then dragging said bike into the stall with me. The good news is I made my train.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a great weekend, and make better decisions than I would make!

It’s Almost Friday!

Hi guys!

Let me just start out by saying that I love my new job! Seriously, I could not wait until Squish went to bed last night so I could break out the computer and do more work. I sure hope this enthusiasm is reflected a few months from now.

Of course, in true Murphy’s Law fashion, the day after I started work Hulk left on a business trip, and our babysitter gave notice. Fortunately Hulk found someone else to Squish-wrangle, but I’m having to cut out early from work to get home in time to release the current Squish-wrangler. Plus I’m really sad she’s leaving because she’s awesome with Squish and does a great job, but I know I’ll like the new sitter, too.

In other trying-to-figure-out-this-new-life news, I had to cut my run short yesterday. I was supposed to do a total of six miles including four one-mile intervals but I knew there was no way I could squeeze that in with my new commute. So I did my usual four miles and threw in some strides. I’m going to have to drastically modify my training schedule; at some point I’m suppose to run 8 miles on a weekday. There is no way I have time for a 1 1/2 hour run, plus set-up and tear-down on a Thursday. So I’ll do what I can, rock my long runs on weekends, and not stress. I’ll also have to think about training while traveling for work. I foresee some hotel treadmills (dreadmills) in my future.


New topic, I rode my bike for the first time in over a year yesterday. My bottom is so sore, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to ride again today. Then I remembered that I still had a super-hard racing saddle on my bike. Duh. Squish helped me switch it out this morning to a super cushy WTB Speed V, and my ride to the train station was much more comfortable.


That’s all I have time for now, the train is almost to my stop. See you tomorrow with some more adventures!