All the Candy

It’s my birthday! Yay! To celebrate, I’m wearing jeans and Uggs to work.


Favorite. I don’t care how 2004 Uggs are. They are un-freakin-believably comfortable.

I have a feeling y’all are curious how Squish’s Halloween turned out.



My little monster figured out pretty quickly that it was candy people were dropping in his bucket. Once that revelation dawned on him, it was game over. As soon as a piece would plop in his bucket, he immediately wanted to eat it. Wrapper and all. He actually took a bite out of a KitKat bar the way a shark would take a bit out of a surfboard.


Needless to say, his costume now needs some spot-cleaning to remove the chocolate stains. But he was with good company. There were many other small creatures at the mall.


And Auntie ‘Manda stopped by too.


He was disturbed that we made him pose for the camera. There were more interesting things to destroy do at the time.

After Squish ran amok burning off the sugar and went to bed (yeah, THAT didn’t take long at all), we all hung out with some friends drinking wine for a while. And maybe ate all of the Halloween candy. Then all the kids went out to see what the bar scene was like while this momma went to bed. Party animal.

Hope you all had a happy and festive Halloween, and if you don’t celebrate Halloween I hope you had a happy and festive Thursday evening! Have a great weekend!