Weekly Recap of the Week

I’m ba-ack! I’ve been in Pittsburgh all week, and for whatever reason I just decided to take a break from blogging. It wasn’t planned or anything; I just stopped taking pictures and I slept in every morning. Well, I was on East Coast time so I was sleeping in until around 4:00 a.m. PST so I guess that was called for. But now I have a week’s worth of stuff to update y’all on, so this will be one of those random “15 Things” posts. Well, it will probably be more like “X Things” because I don’t know how much I’m going to talk about yet. (If you haven’t figured out from my choppy, disconnected writing style, I’m a bit of a stream-of-consciousness writer with little desire to proofread.) Okay, so …

1. My birthday was last week! We had cake at work, but no one knew it was my birthday. We had cake because we were celebrating another coworker’s upcoming wedding, and my birthday was coincidence. So I got cake for my birthday. Woot! Then Hulk took me to a sushi place near Union Square and he got drunk off of sake bombs. I’m not a fan so I stuck with my pinot grigio. Then we went back to our place and some friends came over and we chilled out. It was the perfect, low-key kind of birthday.

2. Saturday my beautiful besties took me out for lunch and ice cream down in Mission. We went to Tacolicious, which I used to visit their location in the Marina, and found the Mission restaurant to be wanting in nothing. It was a delight drinking margaritas, eating way too many tortilla chips, and sharing spectacular dishes with my besties making me feel like a princess 🙂 We went to Bi-Rite Creamery for ice cream, and I dove into the banana split. It’s my birthday, right?


OMG, they caramelize the banana with something that gives it that sugar-crunch creme brulee coating. I could just eat the bananas. We enjoyed our ice cream in Dolores Park where only in SF is it 65 and sunny in November. We Skyped with our other bestie that was out of town, and life is good.

3. So, I’ve been in Pittsburgh all week for work stuff. It was a bit more work-y than last trip so I really didn’t get out and meander like I did last time. Plus, with daylight savings it was always dark by the time we got out of the office, and I get creeped out being alone in the dark in a strange city. Heck, I don’t even like being in SF in the dark alone. I did venture to a nearby restaurant for dinner my last night there that was an Irish pub. I love Irish pubs. What I didn’t know, it was sort of the Irish equivalent of Hooter’s. All the waitresses were in this sexy scottish garb of a kilt mini-skirt and ample boobage. I was the only woman patron there, but that didn’t stop me from getting my Guinness on.


I mean, an Irish pub’s an Irish pub. I had the shepheard’s pie which hit the spot with my Guinness while I watched the Penguins game. When in Rome, right? It was a great place, but I probably won’t go back as long as I’m turning in an expense report. Gotta keep up appearances, at least.

4. My system’s all wonked out after a weekend of indulgences and travel. So Tuesday morning I decided to be responsible and take a multi-vitamin to balance things out. I took it with my morning coffee, finished getting ready, then headed to the hotel buffet breakfast where I had this little mexican-style egg on english muffin with avocado, cheese, and roasted red pepper and a pile of fruit. With more coffee, of course.


I guess I ate breakfast a little too late after taking my multi-v because as soon as the last bite went down it alllll came back up. Like, immediately. I burst out of the dining room to the hotel lobby bathroom and barely made it in time. It was so embarrassing; at least I was eating alone and not with my coworkers. When I was done and felt better, I realized I would be hungry pretty quick if I didn’t eat breakfast so … I ate again. It stayed down this time.

5. I need to start running consistently again. I maybe make it out 2, 3 times a week on a good week. And my legs feel like crap. I really think I need another massage before race day. The good news is the massage place I went to last time gave me a 15% off coupon for my birthday, so I might put that to use soon. And put up with all of Hulk’s protests about how I could save $70 and just let him do it. Yeah, because that always happens when I ask 🙂

Okay, I’m all out of stories. Hope I didn’t bore/disgust you too much. Have a happy weekend!

Question: does anyone else puke when they take pills/vitamins on an empty stomach?





One thought on “Weekly Recap of the Week

  1. Happy belated birthday!! That ice cream looks amazing! And hey, looks like you’ve been running more than me!

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