Ode to Duke

I have some sad news to report.

Monday night, after I had checked into my hotel and gone to bed, Hulk called to inform me that our dear little doggie Duke had passed away. He had suddenly taken ill over the weekend while we were away and it was rather unexpected. I knew Duke was getting up there in the years, but I thought we would at least have another few years with him. Since it all happened while I was away I never really got to say goodbye. So here’s a tribute to the best misshapen cookie dog a girl could ever have.

Taken shortly after we adopted Duke in 2009 (yes, my hair was brown back then):

Tapping into his wild dog instincts:

Always good for a cuddle:


And a great fur-brother:

He also put up with a lot:

He is and always will be my fur baby. Enjoy the Big Dog Park in the Sky, Dukester. I hear the trees there are made of bacon.