New Year, New Blog?

What’s up, my bloggies?!? Where do I even start? It’s been two months since my last post. Not too much has changed. Duke went to the big dog park in the sky. Squish is getting bigger and more squish-tastic every day. Hulk and I are both still traveling a lot. Traveling separately, unfortunately. So far not any fun trips as it’s all been for work. And I am still trying and failing at this whole “healthy” thing.

You’d think that with a new year would come new changes, new feelings of drive and accomplishment, new desires. Every year is the same for me. Every year I’m like, “this will be my year to get fit!” And every December I’m standing in the wake thinking, “well, that didn’t go well”. The other day I was cleaning out some old files from my computer, and I found my New Years resolution notes I wrote for 2008. 2008! Six years ago. And you know what they were? Lose weight. Kick ass at my job and get promoted. Be a better friend. Cook more and get organized in the house. Guess which resolutions made the list for 2014? If you guessed, “all of the above,” here is your gold star.

You can frame it if you’d like.

Anyway, I thought it is high time I regroup and get some support. And by support I mean blogging and facing the judgement of the internet. Nothing says “don’t eat that muffin” like attempting to be a transparent “healthy” food blogger and knowing you will be facing the scorn of invisible talking heads hiding behind keyboards.



Of course, I have just about as much time for this as I had before. Which means none. Which is kind of the reason I haven’t posted in about two months. But I’m sort of pondering what I want this blog to be now, the direction I want it to go. I’m not running anymore (more about that some other time), I haven’t been cooking a whole lot, and I work a ton. But I guess it’s still the story of me, living it up in the city and making the most of it. Which is pretty much anyone’s story, really.

So here’s to a new year. Whether or not it will be a new blog or not is up to the fates and my creative impulses to decide.


And let’s keep it realistic, people.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog?

  1. Yay so I flick over to see if you’ve posted and what do I see….a post! Hey! Happy New Year 🙂 and for the record I don’t make resolutions anymore because I always get to the end of the year in the same way I started it.

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