A Wiggle and a Jiggle

It’s sort of refreshing to start posting again. Exciting, even. I really don’t know what I’m going to talk about, but I’m sure something will happen that’s blog-worthy. Until a cohesive topic strikes, here is some randomness.

I got a haircut.


And some cute new gym clothes. I needed some motivation to get back to lifting, and Athleta’s winter sale was more than happy to help me out there.

And I made jellies!



I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while. I love jelly stuff – jelly beans, Swedish Fish, gummy bears. And since I’m looking for all sorts of ways to heal up my hamstring tendonitis, I heard that gellatin and bone broth are good for all your muscles and, you know, connecting tissue thingys. I believe that is the technical term. Anyway, I saw the recipe on Balanced Bites a while ago and was grooving to try it. The verdict? They are perfectly gummy in every way. It reminds me of those Jello jigglers as a kid. Seriously the easiest thing I have ever made, on par with microwaving eggs, but they ended up quite sour despite using the maple syrup to sweeten them. But I love to pop a few down whenever I wander past the fridge. Next time I might try the berry variation to see if that cuts down on the tart.

We went out last night, and I came home to this.



“Hey Mom, I thought you might get bored when you go to bed tonight. So here’s my dump truck to entertain you.”

I worked from home today, so I whipped up a quick lunch for Hulk and myself. It turned out so pretty, I’d hate to not share it.


Just spicy sausage, onions, and spinach pan-fried in butter.

And hey, it’s Friiiidaaaay! Let’s kick back and celebrate the weekend. And do a little rain dance. We are in a serious drought, and the governor has called a state drought emergency. As much as I’ll be sad that it’ll rain on my work commute, I’d rather have full and happy reservoirs!



2 thoughts on “A Wiggle and a Jiggle

  1. Seriously, how great are those jelly things?! Love them. One night I went to bed and Will, mr almost 3, had left Geoff Wiggle tucked in on my pillow (don’t know if you guys have the Wiggles over there).

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