Changing 1 1/2 Handfuls Later

Lately I’ve been trying to climb back on the paleo/primal bandwagon. Which is seemingly more challenging than when I initially started switching to paleo. At least, from what I remember. I’ve been trying to use my old tricks and mental mind games. Like, when I feel like I just want to dive face-first into a Safeway bakery sheet cake, I start texting friends or talk to coworkers or otherwise reach out to people to break whatever mental spell I seem to be entranced by. Or, when I want to eat something less healthy I ask, “would I rather eat this cheese doodle/cupcake/stale bar of chocolate, or bacon?” The answer is always bacon. Just thinking about bacon instantly removes any other craving and replaces it with a bacon craving. And I’m okay with bacon craving.


So after lunch as I was working at home yesterday,  I got sort of carb crave-y. We had a leftover bag of stale tortilla chips in the closet, and without thinking I mindlessly grabbed a handful and chowed down. About halfway through my second handful I stopped. What the hell was I doing? For starters, the chips are stale. They don’t even taste good. Second, I don’t need this food. Upon further review, I’m actually hungry, not cravy. I want to eat food. Real food.

So I got my lazy butt up and into the kitchen where I threw down a quickie spinach and tuna salad.

And then I found $5.

No, I didn’t, really. That’s just how I end stories where the climax isn’t quite where I want it to be.

The point is, it’s never to late to stop the crap habits and change them to new ones. Even if you’re already 1 1/2 handfulls of stale chips in.





3 thoughts on “Changing 1 1/2 Handfuls Later

  1. I need to get better at this, I caved and had a ton of chocolate and candy this weekend and now I’m having a hard time getting back at eating healthy again. Grr.

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