All the Food, Urgent Care Adventures, and a Long Savasana

So, I spent two hours on Sunday doing weekly food prep.



Soooo muuuuuch fooooood. I ran out of containers to put everything in. #paleoproblems

The family went out and enjoyed the nice weather on Sunday. We wandered around the Golden Gate Bridge with 10,000 of our favorite tourist friends.


Still doesn’t suck.

And Squishy contemplated how much sand he could eat at Stinson Beach.



“Oh, great! Mom gave me a giant spoon with which to eat All The Sand!”

I came down with the sniffles while traveling last week, and I brought them home to Squish. Sunday night he was breathing really weird and it worried me. Like, short, raspy breaths. So off to Urgent Care we went.



Selfies while waiting for the doctor. I think I look more sick and tired than he does.

The rule of Urgent Care is if you go, it’s probably nothing. And if you don’t go, it’s something super serious and you’re a horrible parent for not taking them. So 1 1/2 hours of waiting for the doctor later, Squish has congestion, cough, and a mild fever and his breathing is normal for a kid with these symptoms. Yeah, he’s fine. Glad he took up the spot from another kid that has a real illness.

After getting home around 11:00, I was really glad I did all that food prep since lunch was a snap to prepare.


Ground beef, root veggie hash, and brussel sprouts.

Plus a mid-afternoon snack of banana and peanut butter. I ended up only eating half the banana, it was huge.


Couldn’t say the same thing about breakfast, though. In my hurry to make the train on time I didn’t bother to eat breakfast so I made a bad decision to pick up a ham and cheese croissant and coffee with cream at the train station cafe. Their croissants are glorious, but since I’m trying to stay away from dairy and gluten it was not the best decision. I realized after the fact (as always) that there is plenty of stuff I can eat at work – fresh fruit and trail mix that’s all nuts and stuff. So lesson learned, I can eat at work if need be.

At least dinner was great too.



I met a friend for yoga, and we stopped for dinner first. This was a beet, walnut, arugula, and goat cheese salad as big as my head. I only made it through about 2/3 of it.

Yoga was a surreal experience. The class is supposed to go from 7:15 – 9:00 which is a bit long and late for me, but the instructor is amazing. The class was a perfect balance of crazy sweaty intense flows and easy-ish more restorative poses. By the time we were in savasana, I was so zen’ed out I fell asleep during savasana (in a puddle of my own sweat) and was dreaming and stuff. The instructor uses incense to wake you from savasana so by the time I came to I was so restored and relaxed. Then I looked at my phone. 9:30! We had gone a half hour over and no one noticed. I guess that’s being in the present for you.

I got home at 10:30 and washed my yoga mat. It was horrendous. I made my own yoga mat spray that I found on Pinterest and gave it a whirl after I scrubbed the mat with soap and water in the tub. We’ll see if it smells like lavender tonight, or like death and I need a new mat. If it works I’ll post the spray recipe.

Then I ate a hard boiled egg and some carrot sticks that were leftover from lunch while reading my Kindle in bed.

And that’s all for my weekend-plus-Monday update.



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