Socially Awkward Fail and the Day’s Eats

I had this really awesome idea for a post intro this morning. It was going to be all eloquent and introspective and stuff. And now since this intro is neither eloquent nor introspective, you are safe to assume I forgot my idea as soon as I sat down to write it. Boo.

I also have an awesomely embarrassing fail to share with you. Okay, it’s not that awesome. It just goes to show how I keep making bad decisions.

So, I decided this weekend to go off sugar, dairy, and grains. Not really a Whole30, but as close as I can make it without driving myself nuts. On Monday I had a ham and cheese croissant for breakfast. I felt dumb since I told myself I would take care to eat real food for breakfast. Tuesday, I managed to slam down 1/2 an avocado and some rotisserie chicken straight from the fridge as I ran out the door. A while after I got to work, my boss announced that he was going to get a croissant breakfast sandwich at the deli, and would anyone like to join him? A few of my coworkers went, and since I’m still kind of new and I’m trying to make work friends I spontaneously jumped in the elevator with everyone.

We get to the deli, and I end up first in line. I order my croissant sandwich, and wait for the others. My boss, the instigator in this whole exercise, was last in line. Which was unfortunate because by the time they got to him, all the croissants were gone. I felt ridiculous. I don’t even need this damn sandwich, I’m not that hungry (kind of hungry, but more of a hard-boiled-egg-and-I’m-fine hungry rather than a monstrous-breakfast-sandwich-hungry), and I shouldn’t be eating this thing anyway. I offered my croissant, but it was politely refused. By the time I got to my desk I just slammed the whole thing down out of embarrassment and guilt. #SociallyAwkwardPenguin.

So, what can I do differently next time? For one, don’t join in. But if I want to jump in for the social interaction, for pete’s sake don’t order a damn croissant. The deli serves all sorts of food I could totally eat: egg dishes, fruit or veggie salad, beverages like coffee and tea. I have other options. Finally, if all other options failed I could have been more insistent when I offered my croissant up. Be like, “no, you take it” and just drop it and walk away or something. I just need to not get so freaked out and freeze up in uncomfortable situations. But I’m sure I’m the only one in the world who has minor social anxiety issues. Which is also why I blog and not, you know, talk to real humans.

Anyway, that was my only real indiscretion yesterday. The rest of it went pretty well as planned.

Finished the chicken stock up from the weekend prep and had a delicious cup o’ broth straight from the pot.



GHOMG it was sooo good.

Lunch was another rendition of “look all of the food I made this weekend; I should eat all of it at once” beef hash/root veggie hash/sauteed mushrooms/brussel sprouts bowl of glory.



I also ate about 400 clementines. Partly because I was craving sugar and partly because I just like them. They make my hands smell nice.



Wasn’t there some movie line like “smell my fingers”? Or is that just a random thing? It might be dirty; I hope that doesn’t offend. I tend to be oblivious to that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I made salmon for dinner. With sweet taters and some sauteed cabbage.



I felt kind of bad making my own dinner. Our new babysitter has been making dinner for us, but she did a stir-fry with spaghetti noodles last night so I didn’t want to eat it. It looked really good though. She’s a good cook.

I had some major snuggle time with a certain little man. Between his sickness, the new babysitter, and all of our work travel he’s been pretty out-of-sorts cranky and clingy lately. Like, it never used to phase him when I left for work. Now every morning when he sees me zip up my jacket the screaming waterworks start. So I’m trying to spend time with him when I can and hope this phase passes soon.



But seriously, how can you resist a cuddle with that face?

Finally, welcome to the “FML” moment of the day. Hulk texted me from abroad that he was trying to avoid diet coke, and it was hard because the office he was working from is filled with it. I responded with these pics from our break room:



I get to avoid all this. Every day. Oh, and there’s a whole fridge of soda and fruit juice smoothie thingys that I ignore, too. Don’t get me wrong; I love how giving and accommodating my employer is by providing free snacks. And there is a lot of stuff I can eat: they have a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, beef jerky, trail mix that’s just nuts and dried fruit, etc. But you have to consciously reach past the chips and candy to get to it 🙂 Some days are harder than others to avoid. Actually, MOST days are harder than others to avoid. Always something to work on.

Here’s to life, adventure, and fighting the good fight.


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