Three Days of Catch-Up, the Borscht Edition

I know some of my comments about “failing” and the “mistakes” I make probably seem trivial. For most people, eating a croissant is probably not the worst thing in the world to do. There are a lot of less healthy stuff out there, like meth and crawling in sewage systems. And I don’t want to seem like I’m beating up on myself; I’m not. I can’t make myself feel bad for every less-healthy option I have ever chosen. That’s a bit of a waste of perfectly good energy. But I do need to stop thinking that I “deserve a treat” or that “just one won’t hurt”.

I came up with a new analogy for health. To me, health like a bucket of water that is filled or emptied by drops. Doing good things add drops to the health bucket, and doing bad things take away drops. I know this is a simplistic analogy, but hang with me here. So having one croissant? No big, it’s just one drop removed from the bucket. Every day? Mmm, you might notice something. Every day, plus after-lunch cookies and a couple glasses of wine at night? Before you know it, your bucket is half empty and your pants are a little full. I have to remind myself that every decision is a drop – how do I want to spend it?

Okay, enough with the deep stuff. Let me back up a little bit on current events. It’s been a while so let’s catch up.

Wednesday night was a lot of this.


I went to a social networking meetup group at a wine bar in North Beach. Such good sangiovese, and so much of it! I may have overindulged. Much anticipated bucket drops, I assure you.

Thursday I remembered to pack breakfast as well as lunch (yay!). I threw a few hb eggs and the last of the root veggie hash in a box on my way out the door. This is what it looked like after I finally finished it off:


Lunch was leftover salmon, brussel sprouts, and sweet taters. I had to eat it in the break room because I didn’t want to disturb my coworkers near my desk with stinky fish.  20140124-074303.jpg

I did have a chocolate. My coworker just got back from Hawaii and brought back some Hawaiian chocolates. The ones with the little macadamia nut inside. It would have been rude of me to refuse, you know.


Dinner was a quick hash of beef, cabbage, and butternut squash. Even though Squish had already had his dinner, he still crawled up in my lap to help me with my squash. Hee-hee, Squish eating squash. Funny words. Anyway, I think he’s over whatever crud he had over the weekend, his horse-like appetite is definitely back.


Got my usual 5:30 am Squishy wake-up call this morning. Lately he’s been waking up at the butt crack of dawn and coming into our room to pull me out of bed and play with him. Let’s just say I’m not quite in the playing mood at 5:30 in the morning, a half hour before my alarm is supposed to go off. We usually shoo him out and set him up in front of the TV with some Sesame Street and a sippy cup of milk, but Hulk was out of town this week so I ended up letting Squish crawl in bed with me. He fell right back asleep, so I was torn between “I should have sent him back to his own bed” and “Aww! Baby snuggle time!”

Breakfast was half a chicken breast and a few bites of roasted beets as I ran out the door. I was ravenous all day. Ate 1/2 an avocado for mid-morning snack, along with a couple cups of coffee with generous splashes of soy milk (I know not the best option, but it’s that or those little tubs of creamer and they just don’t do it for me) then the rest of the avocado on my “usual” lunch of beef/butternut squash/brussel sprouts. I gotta say, this is the first time the weekly prep thing worked out 100%. I ate from my own fridge almost every meal this week, and now on Friday night I might have enough to scrounge up lunch tomorrow, but for the most part the fridge is cleaned out. Which is fine since I’m out of town next week 🙂 Hulk’s turn to hold down the fort!

I also won “employee of the week”. NBD.


The real reward is this super awesome poster you get to display somehow on your desk.

I also grabbed a short latte at Starbucks with a coworker, and had an apple and a pack of peanuts to get me through the late afternoon. And a few dates sprinkled throughout the day. And maybe a beer with coworkers. I was completely ravenous for most of the day; I think my crappy breakfast-ing is catching up to me. Wow, and you don’t realize how fast snacking catches up to you. I think about my actual *meals* and was like, oh, I didn’t eat much today. I’ve been doing a pretty decent job with my food log and as I looked at it I was like, “Oh yeah, and the dates. And the apple. And the … and the …”

Then I came home to dinner already made! Our babysitter is from Russia, and she made borscht for us. It was so sweet of her, and the most fabulous homemade soup I’ve had in a long time! I’ve never had borscht before, but I love beets so I knew it would be scrumptious.



The picture is a little weird; I had already started to stir in the sour cream before I remembered to snap it. She also made a green salad as a first course. It was a perfect dinner to kick off the weekend. I had a clementine for dessert. Might have another one two or three yet, mmm.

Well, the kid’s in bed. Time to kick back with some wine and hang out with friends. Hope you all have a happy weekend, if I don’t see you before Monday!

2 thoughts on “Three Days of Catch-Up, the Borscht Edition

  1. Glad to have you back, you are one of my favorite bloggers! Sorry about your food adventures but yay for winning employee of the month, right? Your babysitter treats you will, I love cooking for my families too. 🙂

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