Travel Food

Whelp, I’m in Pittsburgh again. Whoop.

I know this is, like, completely a unique circumstance to everyone, but I have a hard time keeping to my healthy guns when traveling. I know, I know. It’s supposed to be so easy, why is it that I find it so hard?

Last time, knowing I would be working long hours and surrounded by brew pubs and crummy cafeteria/hotel buffet food for sustenance, I packed along some “healthy” snacks so I wasn’t so pressured to fuel up on whatever sad chicken salad was being served while I was out. It was a smashing success, so I did a repeat with some slight changes this time.

Behold my snack bag of glory (from the plane):


Tuna in a pack, hb eggs, carrots, a little tub o’ coconut oil, almond butter packs, homemade trail mix (mixed nuts, flaked coconut, raisins), and a half dozen clementines.

I was amazed that the hotel happy hour actually had stuff I could eat.


Ham, green beans, and salad. Oh, that beer? I don’t know how that beer got there …

I mean, it’s not perfectly Whole30-approved clean eating. I ended up using 1/2 a packet of Kraft I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Caesar dressing on my salad since there was no olive oil and I’ll be dammed if I’m eating a fat-free dressing, eww. At least it’s not pizza and french fries. So I’m cool with that.

Oh, hey, I got a haircut.


Drastic, no? I was sick of doing my hair in the morning. The best part is when I’m working and getting all stressed out, and it start sticking out all over the place because I keep running my hands through it.


Yeah, like that.

And here’s a freakin’ adorable Squish pic, because he’s at home with daddy and I miss him.


We found a hat! It’s fun to take hats on and off, on and off.



And if I do this, no one can seeeeee meeeeee!

Time to let the jet lag catch up. Have a most wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Travel Food

  1. Ahh staying healthy on the road is tricky amd I totally hear you! Looks like you’ve packed some yummy healthy snacks with you though so you’re doing well! I started to take some rolled oats, muesli and acai berry with me to resist the call of hotel buffet breakfast. 🙂

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