All the Salads

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am really, really tired. And tired of salads. But mostly just tired. Darn jet lag.

Because this is the only interesting content that’s happened to me in the past 48 hours, let me show you all the food. That’s mostly salad.

Hotel breakfast buffet of sausage patty, some sort of sausage-potato-pepper hash, and fruit.



This looks like it would be a good salad, but the chicken was so dry I might as well have eaten the styrofoam container. Plus, I put the beets over the strawberries, and that was a mistake.



Banana and AB snack



Dinner #1: lettuce salad, fruit, and the olives and artichoke off of the Mediterranean skewers.





Dinner #2 (after I worked out and was ravenous). Much better! Take-out salmon, taters, and mixed veggies. French onion soup for dessert (yes, I splurged on the cheese and croutons).



Breakfast buffet #2: canadian bacon and oh, more fruit. Plus 2 hb eggs I had in my room.

Hmm, thought I had a picture. Oh, well.

Lunch was the same as yesterday, only more eggplant and less beets.

Dinner: hamburger patty and veggies. Much, much better.



And the obligatory post-work-but-still-working glass of complimentary chablis.



Not pictured: several packets of tuna, and some fruit smuggled to work from the breakfast buffet as afternoon snacks.

Still making the food plan work on the road. It’s frustrating at times. I was so ready to throw in the towel yesterday and dive in to all of the appetizers the hotel buffet was serving that would have totally derailed me and given me a stomach ache. The difference now is that I really want to feel healthy again, and the only way to do that is to stay away from the stuff that I know makes me crappy.

I’m rather spent, so here’s an appropriate meme I found on Pinterest. Fortunately it didn’t apply to me today, but there are always those days …



Happy hump day!

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