Welcome Home

Home sweet home! That was a long ass week. Lately I had been flying back Thursday night so I could be home all day Friday, but my schedule didn’t allow for it this time. I flew back Friday morning, which was nice because I wasn’t rushed to get to the airport in Pittsburgh rush hour traffic, but lame because it was one more night away from home with a 4:30 wake up call to get to the airport. Meh.

I snacked on the last of my travel food on the flights: hb eggs, clementines, the last of the trail mix, and an entire bag of carrots which I suspect is the cause of the stomach ache I experienced. I didn’t want to eat them all, but for some reason I didn’t want to bring a half-eaten bag of carrots home. I don’t know why; Squish and Hulk would have made quick work of them. Anyway, I ate almost a pound of carrots for brunch. And there you go.

I got home a little after lunchtime, so Hulk and I had a lunch date at Chipotle.



Mmm, chicken salad with guac. Welcome home!

I feel really accomplished that I managed to eat fairly healthy and resist most of the temptations of the business trip. I still drank beer, and there were a couple of dairy bombs that I could have avoided, but all in all I stuck to my guns about avoiding sugar, gluten, and dairy when it was obvious, and I think some of my issues are starting to clear up. I’m not back to feeling totally awesome yet, but I know I’m on my way.

I also really, really think gluten makes me depressed. I remember after I reintroduced gluten grains back last year when I did my Whole30, I noticed that I would have a croissant or bagel for breakfast, and about 12 hours later, I would just be sad for no reason. Nothing in my environment had changed, but it was like a cloud came over my brain and turned a light off. This sort of alarms me, if it’s true. I always thought I had sort of a propensity to the blues. I just sort of accepted it as part of my genetics, since it tends to run in families. But maybe the real inherited trait is an intolerance for gluten and not some sort of permanent brain chemical defects? It’s comforting to think I might be able to control my symptoms with my diet. I’ll keep up my loose gluten avoidance for a few more weeks an see what I find out. I’m not avoiding all gluten everywhere – I’m not reading ingredient labels and I’m still drinking beer – I’m just avoiding bread and stuff. Maybe after a few weeks I’ll see where I’m at and maybe tighten down my allowance further. Intersting stuff …

Anyway, Squish decided right before bedtime was the time to play his drum.



Then he saw I was taking pictures of him and wanted my phone.



And then, tears and screams.

Oh, he also dumped a cup of milkshake on our new rug. This is how you get ants.

731(Source: somewhere on Pinterest)

Plus, I have a big, stinky, sticky stain to deal with. Later. It’s beer o’clock now.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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