New Shoes!

I’m not enjoying this whole being sick thing. Captain Obvious, I know.

On the bright side, I got new shoes!



My red Toms finally bit the dust, so I got some groovy space-dyed green ones. They’re fun.

I have some chicken stock brewing for when I get home, and I can’t wait to collapse into bed after a long week. I hope I can recover over the weekend to make way for an even longer week next week.

Workouts are pretty much nonexistent until I get this pesky bug under control. On the bright side, my hamstrings have not been nagging me since I’ve stopped exercising. Yay?

Last night I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone, and as Hulk was looking at them over my shoulder he was like, “Why do you have so many pictures of food?” To which I replied, “Because I keep intending to blog them, but sometimes they don’t make it.” Then he said, “How many pictures of Snickers bars make it on your blog?” To be honest, not as many as occur off the blog. So, maybe I need to be a wee bit more accountable in the future.

Okay, I’m about to knock myself out with cold medicine. Hope you have a happy weekend!

“Eat the Yolks”

It caaaaame!


My preordered copy of “Eat the Yolks“!

I am a huge fan of Liz of Cave Girl Eats (soon to be Real Food Liz), and am so stoked to read her new book. Why? Because I’m a dummy. I really enjoy my paleoish lifestyle but have a hard time explaining the science-y stuff sometimes. Liz is smart, eloquent, hilarious, and knows her stuff. I want to learn what she has to say and hopefully be able to put together some elevator pitches that work for me when people say, “red meat is so bad for you” or “you know cavemen didn’t live past 40, right?”

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing on the train today.

In other news, I’m sick. Remember this?


Yeah, that’s all a thing now. I’m heading home to roast some chicken so I can make broth. That seems like a lot of work for chicken soup. I wish you could buy the real stuff in a can these days.

Wow, I just hit “Publish” instead of “add picture.” Whoops. So, if you are revisiting this page, sorry for this new addition and all of the typos and grammatical errors prior to proofreading.

Anyway, what I meant to say was that MSP airport has seriously upped their game in the G Concourse. I had a layover last night, and while rummaging up some grub for dinner I found they had kale chips for sale. Kale chips. And GF cookies. The good bakery kind, not the box kind that taste like sawdust. Holy wow. And instead of uncomfortable chairs by the gates, they have little booths with iPads you can use for free. You can even order a cocktail while you wait for your flight.


I enjoyed my spinach salad with a side of free iPad.

And I still had food in the fridge to rummage up a lunch this morning, yay!


Le tuna and veggie salad.

Time to dive in to some “Yolks”, I’ll let you know how Iike it!

On the Road. Or Air.

Airport blogging!

Special edition.


I once again have achieved sniffle status as a result of East Coast travel. A couple solid nights of sleep should put me in the rights again, though.

This little gem has seriously saved my life this trip.


It’s a water bottle with a Brita filter in it! I found it at Target. The water at my hotel tastes like it came straight out of the river, and I struggle with making myself drink it when I travel. This little puppy enabled me to get a solid 3-4 bottles in a day! Ahh, success!

Time to board the plane, see you in sunny CA!


And not snowy PA!

Weekend Randoms and Activities

Knowing that I have two travel weeks ahead of me, I tried to pack as much low-key, random, and family time in this weekend as I could.


I showed Squish how to properly apply powder while getting ready for a date night with Hulk. Don’t tell Hulk.

After a date night (and Squish getting to party until the wee hours with Uncle Pete) everyone slept in Saturday. I used the extra time to make a quick run to the farmers market and grocery store. Slightly hungover.


It was such a beautiful weekend in SF!


I had a great gym session on Saturday and am currently having difficulty lifting things with my arms as I worked triceps and biceps. I don’t think there is a good muscle group to work right before traveling. You kind of need everything to function during plane travel: quads to get up and out of tight seats, arms to lift bags overhead, back to withstand the long hours in uncomfortable seated positions. I am really happy I have a Groupon massage scheduled for Sunday! Woo-hoo!

We had Chipotle for dinner the other night, and Squish found a new hat out of the burrito bowl foil lid.


Fast forward to today, airport coffee and “breakfast” salad.



Okay, that was all random. The best stuff is, really.

Thought for your Monday (a Facebook friend posted it and it’s too good not to share):


On to my next flight, make it an awesome day!

Where Did I Park my Cow Again?

Thank you for the encouraging comments and feedback from yesterday’s post. It’s always interesting (and a bit scary) to see the reaction when you brain dump feelings on a post. Ugh, feelings.

Anyway, I figure the best way to get back on track is to start getting better at logging my choices. On this blog. So it’s public. Ugh, that vulnerability again. *shudder*

Okay, so, I snacked on 1/2 an avocado yesterday. And ate about 12 mini Snickers while prepping for a meeting that was going to kick my ass. Just a little stressed.

At least I’ve been consistent in packing lunches. I need to do another grocery run, so my salad wasn’t as crazy as it could have been. Lettuce, tuna, bell pepper, and a little leftover bacon from breakfast (I know, right?!? I had bacon leftover?)



I’ve been getting home late this week, so it’s been leftovers for dinner. Hulk put together a one-pot gumbo of sorts consisting of leftover Indian food from the weekend and some chicken that needed to get cooked. So I had leftovers of leftovers for dinner.



I ate it on the couch while Squish and I watched “Brave”. He would ask for bites and in between shoveling food in my mouth he would say, “More please! Ahhh!” and I would shovel food in his mouth. Like mother, like son.



Since I live in a part of the country not covered in ice and snow, I’ve been really making an effort to go on a walk every day after lunch. Hooray for green things.

Finally, I found this little gem on Pinterest the other day. I commute part of the way to work by bike. I used to bike commute in college, too, back in the Midwest. I am wondering if this is something that still happens in Nebraska or not.



Some people pin weddings, I pin stupid pictures.

When It Seems Like It’s Not Working

Some days are better than others. We need both the upsides and the downsides. The bad stuff helps make the good stuff better, while the good stuff keeps us motivated and moving on.

I have to remind myself of this when I’m having a bad day. And I feel silly for having a bad day because really, what do I have to complain about? I live in a baller place, love my job, have a loving and adorable family, friends that are hilarious and always have got my back … but still I sometimes just want to give up on life.

I suppose every big deal in life is a result of a thousand little things finally adding up. It feels like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill, only to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. I (in my head) try so hard. I want to make lasting changes. I buy the expensive, organic food (and get scolded by my “accountant” Hulk about the grocery budget); I wake up at 5am to work out, or I turn right around after coming home from a long day at work against the protests of my toddler who missed me all day to hit the gym; I turn down invites to visit friends for a social drink so I can go to bed early, so I can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. I chop, cook, clean in the morning and chop, cook, clean at night. I’ve been doing this for over a year. Not consistently, though, and this is what is killing me. I haven’t changed in over a year from when I started out on this journey. I weigh the same, I lift the same, I still have the same ailments that I was trying to fix over a year ago. It almost makes me want to quit.

And why? Why has nothing changed? Because I go gung-ho awesome sauce for a few weeks, then I jump off the wagon face-first into a bag of candy. I always either have the diet part down, or the exercise part down, but heaven help me I can never do both at the same time. I try all sorts of alternative stress relief methods – aromatherapy baths, yoga, talking to friends – but I haven’t found a better stress coping mechanism that works as well as food does. So when shit hits the fan, or I’m having a bad day, or I am exhausted from not getting enough sleep (East Coast travel schedule, I’m looking at you), my resolve crumbles and making bad choices sound more soothing than making good ones. Even though I KNOW that I’m sabotaging all of my good progress and I KNOW that if I made good choices I will feel much better in the long run and I KNOW that by “going rogue” I’m just setting myself up for failure over and over again. But if I KNOW then why do I DO it? Why do I choose to make it so that I have to push that boulder up again tomorrow?

I really don’t have the answer. I really wish I did. 

I read an embarrassingly large amount of blogs, articles, and books on health and weight loss. I should be an expert in the field. I think I know so damn much about what (I believe) makes you fat, sick, and tired, and yet I cannot practice what I preach. I try to stay positive. I cut out negative thinking, that tomorrow is another day and I’m worth it and change takes time. Blah blah blah. I haven’t had these thoughts in my head in years, but lately stuff like “you’re not going to make it” and “just give up” keep creeping in. I don’t know what to do with this. I fight it. I tell myself that it’s not true, and I just need to keep moving along. But on occasion, I give in to these thoughts. I allow myself to “feel the feels” and just let the negativity in. I get a good cry out, and although I still feel sad, I don’t feel so stressed and pressured, like I’m trying to keep a tiger contained in a cardboard cage. Tiger’s out, now let’s just deal with the tiger. Maybe it’s okay to be negative once in a while, as long as it doesn’t become the norm.

Anyway, those are my thoughts of the morning. Sorry for the lame boring word-y post.

A Not-a-Holiday Weekend

I seemed to have jinxed myself. As soon as I posted how I was finally coming to my own habits with healthy eating and routine exercise, I had a week where all hell broke loose and I sort of forgot I was trying to be gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free. Now I’m setting out this week to get back on track.

In happier news, Hulk and I had a splendid weekend away from the kiddo in wine country.


We hit up some tastings at our favorite wineries, and ate a lot of cheese.


And drank a lot of wine.


It was just what we needed.

This morning, I didn’t really know that it is the Presidents Day holiday. I don’t think it should be called a holiday if not everyone has the day off. It especially shouldn’t be a holiday when public transit services are running holiday scheduled for all the people for whom it is not a holiday. I FINALLY have an awesome morning where I got up, worked out, made my lunch, made breakfast for the whole house, and left with plenty of time to spare for my train. Only to find out the trains are running on a special holiday schedule and the first train out was in over an hour from the time I got to the station. Whomp, whomp. At least there’s a Philz Coffee near the station, so not all is lost.


Here’s to hoping the rest of the week goes a bit more smoothly!

Healthy Stuff Progress & The Rains Came

I feel like I need to sum up the progress I’ve been making on my get-healthy front.

Last week, I only made it to the gym twice. I can’t even remember what my excuses were anymore. I know one day I was completely sore from attempting to include weighted lunges into my routine again. Then one day off turned into two days off, then three. There were a couple of late nights at work, which didn’t help things. It’s always hard to get home late, missing dinner and almost missing bedtime, just to turn around and walk back out the door for the gym. I know I need to do it, but it’s hard. Anyway, I put on my big girl pants and set a goal to exercise every day this week. Yesterday morning I hit up the gym first thing for a back & shoulders day. I forget how awesome it is to work out first thing in the morning; I need to start doing that again.


Looks like my exercising will be indoors this week. The rains finally came to SF!

On the diet front, things have been working out fabulously. I’ve been eating probably 90% uber-clean paleo for three weeks, including a travel week in there. I’m amazed that I’ve stuck to my guns this long. I’m just so sick of feeling fat and depressed, that even when I’m tempted by bread and sugar, I just remember how I hate feeling depressed and that’s what’s motivating me. Plus, I hit a number on the scale this morning that I haven’t seen in a long time. I don’t think weight is always the best indicator of diet/health, but my vanity still likes it when I can say I don’t remember the last time I weighed that little! It’s not like I just dropped 10 lbs, but the numbers are starting to go in the right direction for me. Woot.

I did have a couple of loose dinners. I ordered Indian take-out twice last week, and both times included a samosa with a wheat crust. I’m not sure how much that little bit of wheat affected me (who knows what hidden gluten I’ve been ingesting in all it’s various sources; I’m not being super strict on food when dining out) but I did notice that my mood has been off lately. So I need to buckle down a bit and see if things improve.



Fortunately Squish has no problem with my cooking.

Anyway, I picked up a kombucha treat yesterday while grocery shopping in the rain.



Then had to make an emergency diaper run Friday night. As my Instagram besties informed me, poo waits for no weather.



Yeah, I Instagrammed my diaper run. I don’t see why more people don’t follow me there.

Because of the weather, I decided to set up a playground-topia for Squish in the living room.



Last night a neighbor was hosting a party. The party started just before Squish’s bedtime, so we decided to bring him with us and I would peace out with him when he hit the wall and was ready for bed. As we were getting ready to go, I told Squish, “Do you want to go to a party?” To which he responded, “Party!” and threw his arms in the air. I have no idea where he got that from. At least it is now confirmed he is his father’s child. Hulk loves to party.

I’m going to hit up some yoga this morning, then take it easy for the rest of the day. I’m feeling like I need a little chill/me time.


Hamstring Heartbreak

Ahh! Super exciting news, you guys!

I’ve been asked to interview on the podcast The Lifestyle Accountability Show! Squeeeee!


Go check them out. They do daily interviews of super awesome folks talking about how they take responsibility for their health and make it a priority. It’s okay to laugh at the irony of how I am being interviewed about making health a priority; Hulk did, so don’t feel too bad. Anyway, it’s a great resource for some motivation when you need it! I’ll let you know when my podcast will air. Again, squeeeeeee!

I’m about fed up with my hamstrings. I emailed a couple of my very smart besties yesterday because I am so fed up. I can’t run anymore. I don’t like the pain that accompanies the running. And I can’t do squats or deadlifts, so my gym routine is getting really, really boring. It’s like this:

  • Bike for 20 min while watching old “Alias” episodes on Netflix
  • Then pick 5 exercises:
    • Bench press
    • Incline bench press
    • Bicep curl
    • Military press
    • Chin ups
    • Bench Dips
    • Bent over rows
    • Tricep extensions
    • Lat pulls
    • Ab work: plank, leg lifts, stability ball crap
    • Foam roll the hammies (every time)

So I’m getting really, really bored with my workout routine. I try to make it to dance class when I can, but the times that work for me are only Friday and Sunday nights, so I need something to do for the rest of the week. When I try to squat or deadlift, my hammies throb for days. I was trying to go to yoga, but all the hammie stretching was giving me the same problems. Which is a bummer, because I really, really like yoga. And I can’t sit for too long at work with stabby mc stab stab pains in the back of my legs. So, I can’t run, I can’t lift, I can’t yoga, and I can’t sit at work without pain. I’m thinking my quality of life is slowly becoming affected, and it’s time to do something about it. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile. I found Squish going to town eating a stick of butter. Makes a “paleo” mom proud.



It feels good to know I’m doing something right with parenting.

It started raining in NorCal this week. Hooray! That means I’m driving to work, because I’m too much of a wimp to ride in the rain. Boo.


Look at all the pretty red lights! Yeah, I hate driving so I worked from home today. The problem is, I was traveling last week and spent this week at the office. Which means my home office looked like this when I tried to “go to work” this morning.



I like to think all that crap is really “presents” from my family. You know, like how a cat brings in a dead/mostly dead bird as a gift for you. It makes me want to kill them less. Anyway, 20 minutes later I was fully functional.



The best part of working from home: breakfast and lunch on real plates. Enjoyed with a view.


Breakfast: eggs scrambled with chicken apple sausage, spinach, and goat cheese


Lunch: red thai curry with chicken and mixed veggies.

Finally, it’s Friiiidaaaay! You know what that means …

20140207-154051.jpg(from Pinterest)

And this is where you, again, can chuckle at the irony of my podcast interview.



Secretly Six Years Old

You know when you have a dream so real, you confuse it with reality? What are those called? Well, I had one of those last night, with some amusing side effects. Yesterday at work, I received a meeting invite for a kind-of-a-big-deal meeting. The meeting was for 5:00 am this morning, since it involved kind-of-a-big-deal folks on the east coast. Okay, great. If I need to be at an early morning meeting every once in a while because the project is based on the east coast, I can handle that. But normally we try to schedule meetings as close to normal working hours as possible, so that was weird. However, since the meeting was for kind-of-a-big-deal people and we were working around their schedule, maybe that’s all that was available. And I’m far from a big deal, so I wasn’t sure if it was a courtesy invite, or if I’m a required attendee. So, do I accept and lose out on an hour of sleep? Or do I assume they couldn’t possibly expect California to attend a 5:00 am conference call and it’s all a misunderstanding?

I got distracted by shiny things didn’t get a chance to address it at work, and I didn’t think about it until I was going to bed and setting my alarm for the next day. So I texted my boss at 10:00 pm asking if I needed to be on the call. Then I went to bed, setting my alarm early just in case.

Apparently, I dreamed that my boss texted back that I didn’t need to attend, so I shut off the alarm. In my dream. Then I dreamed other stuff, so I became confused that it was all a dream. So when my alarm went off at 4:45, I was super confused. I turned this alarm off! I didn’t have to be on the call, what is going on. Then I checked my texts, realized my boss never texted me back in real life, and I still didn’t know if I needed to be on the call or not. Ugh. So I waited until 5:00 am and joined the call.

There was no one on the line.

I checked the meeting invite. It was schedule for March 5, not February 5. Since both days fall on a Wednesday it didn’t occur to me to check the month. And that’s the week I’m on the east coast, so they actually scheduled the meeting for when I would be there during business hours. Oh em gee.

On the plus side, I had an awesome, leisurely breakfast and food prepped some more stuff to last the rest of the week.

In other random news, I was horribly, illogically excited that I had all the ingredients to make Ants on a Log at work yesterday.


I was grinning like an idiot and sort of giggling to myself the entire time. Yes, I am secretly 6 years old.

I’ve been user testing a new workout training app. It’s called Spitfire Athlete, and it’s being designed and developed by a trainer in San Francisco. It’s a weight training app for women. For “real” weight training, like barbells and stuff, not the Gwyneth Paltrow only-lift-5-lbs weights. I’m really digging it so far. It’s not released yet, but when it is I’ll let you know. But that’s where my workouts have been lately.

Alright, this is a word-y post. Here is a happy picture pulled from Pinterest to cheer up your hump day. May your day make you as happy as the trampoline has made these goats.