The Toddler “Off” Button

What’s up, my bloggies?

We had a super chill lazy weekend. Apparently there was a football game or something. I’m not sure; all I know is I’m waiting for esurance to tell me I won my $1.5 million.

Squish and I made a farmer’s market run,


I wore him out at the playground,


Yeah, he just decided to lay down on top of the slide. Apparently I had found the toddler ‘off” button.

I was up later than I wanted to be frantically finishing up food prep for the week. I procrastinated on it all Sunday, thinking that if I started it would be bad timing, or something would come up like an invitation to do something while I had an oven full of roasting, two pots boiling over on the range, and a pile of half-chopped veggies. Of course nothing happened all day except me literally spinning in circles because I had so much to do but nothing to do but if I started to do something then is wouldn’t have time to finish it because I have so much to do. Gah, good think Hulk was working all weekend. I’m exhausting to live with.

Anyway, I did make some yummy food.



And I made a bomb-diggidy lunch to bring to the office.


Grass fed beef, b’nut squash, brussel sprouts FTW. 1/2 an avo with some raw veggies and a pack of AB for when the munchies strike.

Okay, now time for the confessions.

I didn’t eat enough on Friday or Saturday. One thing I know when you switch to a paleo-whole-food eating thing is you have to EAT. Skipping and restricting isn’t an option. So, I sort of was too lazy to buy food and cook it, and by Sunday night I was through-the-bones ravenous. It want the “sugar shakes”, and it wasn’t the growly-in-the-tummy hungry. It was an all-consuming fatigue I felt in my bones. So crazy. So, of course, I lost it and shoved a whole bunch of food in my face, food I didn’t want to eat on this plan but wasn’t the deal-breakers of dairy and gluten. I had about 4 chocolates that our CouchSurfing friends left, dove into the tortilla chips bowl, and drank about 4 beers during the Super Bowl. Then after my food prep I had a slice of a pork loin roast while I cleaned up the kitchen. Hardly a leisurely and satisfying meal. Anyway, that happened.

Time to move on with Monday. Can you believe I wrote most of this post in between sets at the gym? It’s a good use of time.


6 thoughts on “The Toddler “Off” Button

    • And then the next morning I didn’t even want to look at food. So weird how fast appetites can fluctuate like that. “Several hours ago you couldn’t get enough, brain! Pull it together, will you?!?”

  1. Hahaha way to go multi-tasker…effective use of rest time between sets 🙂 gosh I’ve done the ‘cant be bothered to eat or cook so I won’t eat and then I’ll devour everything in sight’ thing before, not pretty. Awesome prepping!

  2. Dude I have been having weird ass dreams too, googling it just makes me feel like an idiot but I wonder if it means something?

    Also, can you show me where the toddler off button is? I need it asap.

    • I usually don’t remember my dreams to look them up. I know I could dream journal right when I wake, but usually my first thought is “coffee …” And not “I wonder what it meant that I was riding a gorilla with Dr. Spock through Candyland?”

      I’m thinking the “toddler off” is more of a “toddler reset” as the spell only lasted about 30 seconds.

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