A Not-a-Holiday Weekend

I seemed to have jinxed myself. As soon as I posted how I was finally coming to my own habits with healthy eating and routine exercise, I had a week where all hell broke loose and I sort of forgot I was trying to be gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free. Now I’m setting out this week to get back on track.

In happier news, Hulk and I had a splendid weekend away from the kiddo in wine country.


We hit up some tastings at our favorite wineries, and ate a lot of cheese.


And drank a lot of wine.


It was just what we needed.

This morning, I didn’t really know that it is the Presidents Day holiday. I don’t think it should be called a holiday if not everyone has the day off. It especially shouldn’t be a holiday when public transit services are running holiday scheduled for all the people for whom it is not a holiday. I FINALLY have an awesome morning where I got up, worked out, made my lunch, made breakfast for the whole house, and left with plenty of time to spare for my train. Only to find out the trains are running on a special holiday schedule and the first train out was in over an hour from the time I got to the station. Whomp, whomp. At least there’s a Philz Coffee near the station, so not all is lost.


Here’s to hoping the rest of the week goes a bit more smoothly!