Weekend Randoms and Activities

Knowing that I have two travel weeks ahead of me, I tried to pack as much low-key, random, and family time in this weekend as I could.


I showed Squish how to properly apply powder while getting ready for a date night with Hulk. Don’t tell Hulk.

After a date night (and Squish getting to party until the wee hours with Uncle Pete) everyone slept in Saturday. I used the extra time to make a quick run to the farmers market and grocery store. Slightly hungover.


It was such a beautiful weekend in SF!


I had a great gym session on Saturday and am currently having difficulty lifting things with my arms as I worked triceps and biceps. I don’t think there is a good muscle group to work right before traveling. You kind of need everything to function during plane travel: quads to get up and out of tight seats, arms to lift bags overhead, back to withstand the long hours in uncomfortable seated positions. I am really happy I have a Groupon massage scheduled for Sunday! Woo-hoo!

We had Chipotle for dinner the other night, and Squish found a new hat out of the burrito bowl foil lid.


Fast forward to today, airport coffee and “breakfast” salad.



Okay, that was all random. The best stuff is, really.

Thought for your Monday (a Facebook friend posted it and it’s too good not to share):


On to my next flight, make it an awesome day!

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