New Shoes!

I’m not enjoying this whole being sick thing. Captain Obvious, I know.

On the bright side, I got new shoes!



My red Toms finally bit the dust, so I got some groovy space-dyed green ones. They’re fun.

I have some chicken stock brewing for when I get home, and I can’t wait to collapse into bed after a long week. I hope I can recover over the weekend to make way for an even longer week next week.

Workouts are pretty much nonexistent until I get this pesky bug under control. On the bright side, my hamstrings have not been nagging me since I’ve stopped exercising. Yay?

Last night I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone, and as Hulk was looking at them over my shoulder he was like, “Why do you have so many pictures of food?” To which I replied, “Because I keep intending to blog them, but sometimes they don’t make it.” Then he said, “How many pictures of Snickers bars make it on your blog?” To be honest, not as many as occur off the blog. So, maybe I need to be a wee bit more accountable in the future.

Okay, I’m about to knock myself out with cold medicine. Hope you have a happy weekend!