And We’re Off, Again!

Good morning! I hope you had a pleasant weekend and are ready to get going and kick this week’s booty.

Anyway, in case you missed it over the weekend, Squish is getting a sibling! I’m a wee bit excited over here.

But, it’s a travel Monday for me. So we are packing up and heading out.


Once again headed to the airport. I tend to dress like a college student when I travel.

Got my road food all prepped to go:


Fancy trail mix, tuna packs, larabar, Justin’s Almond Butter packs, strawberries, hb eggs, carrots, and some ginger candies, in case morning sickness decides to make it’s appearance this week.

Oh, and Whole Foods had Epic bars when I was there yesterday! I have heard so much about them and really wanted to try them. So I grabbed a bison flavor.



The verdict? It was like sweet beef jerky. I think I would have liked it normally, but I’ve been a bit sensitive about meat lately so it was a bit of a turn off for me. Once my cravings stabilize we’ll see how I feel about them then. I definitely love the concept, they would be good travel food for backpacking and such (here you go, Dad!).

Also on the weekend news? I’m feeling a bit nest-y lately and want throw pillows for the couch. Which really means I don’t have enough things to pick up off the floor, I need to spend about $40 to get more things to pick up off the floor. As my bro so eloquently put it, that’s why they’re called throw pillows, right? Anyway, I have no idea what to get. I’m thinking red and yellow in some sort of satin/shiny fabric? I am so not a home designer.


The lighting was lousy for the picture. But it hides the broken crayons and half-eaten apple cores well.

Time to start this week off, make it a great day!



Lazy Weekend

What are weekends for if not chilling out with friends and family?


My neighbor’s got a way cooler view.

Than you for all the well wishes on the new baby news! We are in a state of blissful disbelief about it all yet. I suppose when the morning sickness finally sets in it will be less blissful and just disbelief.

I haven’t been eating the best lately. This may come as a shock, (<– sarcasm font is needed here), but I don’t always put out everything that goes in my mouth. And what do you know, the junk food is most likely to get omitted over the healthy green stuff. Saturday was no exception.

I started out with the best intentions. Egg scramble with asparagus and a touch of parmesan.


And a sliced apple, because Squish must have an apple every morning. Keeping a morning apple from him is like keeping the coffee from Hulk. Bad things happen.

We had an old friend visit us for lunch. Because it was raining cats and dogs and we’re huge weather wimps, we grabbed sandwiches at A.G. Ferrari’s next door. If you haven’t been, it’s a super good Italian deli and grocery. They sell all sorts of pastas, canned antipasti like artichoke and olives, pastries, and of course cured meats.

Squish and I split a turkey panini with sun dried tomato pesto, and some other good stuff I can’t remember.


Squish loves a good panini. But who doesn’t?



I spent most of the day being a lazy bum on the couch with Squish watching old Bugs Bunny classics. That’s the way to spend a rainy day.

I also got a good gym workout in, giving me a chance to finish up the first episode of “House of Cards.” About 5 people have told me to start watching it, so I decided to make it my next workout watching rotation. I’ve also decided to make dead hang dips on the captain’s chair my “thing” for the next 9 months. I can just crank out 10 right now, but I don’t dip down very far. How awesome will it be to have a big ol’ preggo belly and rocking dead hang bench dips? We’ll see how that goes. While pregnant with Squish I was hitting the gym decently until my third trimester, then I stuck to bodyweight exercises and long walks. I’m hoping my health holds out at least that well with this one, but we’ll see. Safety is always #1. Anyway, I did my bench dips and some planks and bridges since I’m awful about doing core work.

I’m currently listening to the Balanced Bites podcast with Jen Sinkler as a special guest. Have you checked out Lift Weights Faster? I’ve been hearing about it but haven’t looked into it yet. The podcast talks about a lot of cool advice for listening to your body and doing the types of exercises that work for you. Since your body changes from day to day with energy, flexibility, and overall how you’re feeling, some days might be better for certain exercises than others. I like that sort of philosophy, not that you should be like, “whoop, I am not feeling it. Guess it’s a rest day!” every other day, but if you’re feeling tight maybe trying to lift that extra 5 lbs isn’t what you need to do today. Or maybe you need to change up your technique and try a variation to give certain muscles a break. It’s interesting stuff that I can definitely see myself incorporating. I will probably go check out Jen’s after I’m done writing here.

Okay, go and enjoy your Sunday! What are you still doing in front of the screen? Okay, I guess that’s partly my fault. I’ll shut up now.

A Baby Story

The other day I was reminiscing about the day that Squish made his appearance.


I never really told my birth story with Squish. At the time I didn’t realize it was a blog “thing”, and really I was so overwhelmed I didn’t really know where to start. The short version was 20 hours, no pain meds (because I’m nuts), yes pitocin, 3 pushes, 2 stitches, and no poop. Score.

It was a pretty incredible day.


I still don’t remember how we brought him home. I was in some state of hormonal bliss. Or sleep deprivation. Maybe both. Apparently, we both made it home. Photographic evidence.


It continues to be a remarkable experience.

Squish 2 Collage

Especially when he teaches me that there is more than one way to play a kazoo.


So we figured, what the heck? Let’s do this all over again.

Squish gets a sibling! Baby #2 coming this November.


Coffee, Kale Smoothies, and Underground Kitchens

Happy Friday to you! Hooray for Friday, it’s a favorite.

I was feeling downright crappy yesterday, so I spent a sick day at home. The extra rest seemed to do the trick, as I’m feeling much better today. However, I don’t have too many exciting stories to share besides, “and then I took a nap”. So here’s some catch-up stuff!

Did you know I’ve given up coffee? Yup, I’ve been caffeine-free for about 10 days now, dropping it cold turkey. I miss it a little bit, but after getting through those first few horrible withdrawl days, I don’t really want to go back.

Away from me, ye devil drink! Chocolates, you can stay.

I was getting up to about 5 cups a day and it was ridiculous. I couldn’t make it through the afternoon without a pick-me-up. So I dropped it to see if it would help with my energy and sleep. So far no changes, but if I can make it 30 days or so we’ll see if it starts to help.

Now that I’ve dropped all caffeine, all I have pretty much drank lately is water. Which is awesome, but boring. So suddenly I’ve been craving Jamba Juice and smoothies.


Now they have green smoothies at Jamba Juice, so I think I’m set for a while. I’m digging the Apples ‘n’ Greens (apple, kale, peach, banana, mango, and I think a few unicorn kisses).

One of the things I love about the city is all sorts of hidden hole-in-the-wall spots that are just special hidden gems. The other day I was craving pho, so I did some Yelping and found a decent pho place by our apartment. Turns out it’s in a little food court in the basement of a building.


We got there just after the lunch rush so it wasn’t hard to find a table, but the International Food Court reminds me of a mall food court, but only with authentic Asian cuisine offerings. I made a beeline to my pho place, and we ordered the beef special.


This bowl was serious as big as my head. Hulk and I could have split one and still have leftovers. And for $8. That’s lunch in SF, my friends. I ended up taking half of it home, no surprises there.

Finally, Hulk and I have had two gym dates this week! I love going to the gym together. Back in the day, when it was the off-season and Hulk wasn’t riding as much we would go to the gym every day and work out together. It’s a nice way to get some “date” time in while multitasking it with a workout.

Allright, I’ll stop talking now. You go out and enjoy your Friday!

Thursday Things

Oh man, you guys. It’s almost the weekend. And almost April, can you believe it?


I had a minor freak-out yesterday when I realized the year is 1/4 over and I hadn’t really set or tracked any progress on my goals at all. 2014 is slipping away like grains of sand through my fingers! –> bonus points if you can guess what pop culture reference I paraphrased that from.

Anyway, I don’t feel like doing normal stuff, so here’s a random post. Random stuff. About me. Because it’s all about me.

  • I’ve lived in six states: Minnesota, Texas, California, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Missouri.
  • Growing up, my parents owned a karate and dance school. Karate and dance were not taught in the same class, that would just be too much awesome to handle. But my first job was assistant teaching classes with my folks.
  • I have wide feet. Like, really wide feet. I can’t wear heels or cute, strappy shoes. Well, I probably could, but it quickly turns into extreme pain. I like pain less than I like fashion, so, there you go.
  • When I was a kid we had a cat named Dusty. He weighed 23 pounds. Once a woman asked if she was pregnant. My sister answered, “He’s a boy cat.”
  •  In 2011 Hulk and I went to London for a babymoon. Best. Trip. Ever.


  •  If I could have any food in the world, it would have to be a perfectly seared ribeye steak, medium rare.
  • Hulk and I both did competitive cycling in college. I was the 2006 Nebraska Women’s Category 4 State Champion. Because I was the only women’s cat. 4 racer to show up that day (<< Hulk keeps reminding me to leave that part out).
  • Speaking of athletic accomplishments, to date I have completed five half marathons, two full, one half iron man, and about a couple dozen bike races. I think I still owe a race report on the North Face Half Marathon back in December. Don’t hold your breath on that one.
It sucked something fierce!
It sucked something fierce!
  • I am a complete and total introvert. I am uncomfortable meeting new people, I prefer small, intimate gatherings to huge parties, and the perfect day ends with me alone in bed with a cup of tea and a book. Which is what I’m about to go do right now!
  • Once I did a coworker a favor. When asked what he could do for me in return, I responded, “I want a pony. Dapple grey. I’ll name her Clip Clop.” He came back the next day with a BLACK pony. Didn’t listen to me at all. But Clip Clop still won my heart.pony

Okay, I think I’ve allowed you to procrastinate doing something actually important long enough. As always, thanks for reading my nonsense for this long.

Any random thoughts for this Thursday?

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #3

Hello, blog world! It is a rainy day over in SF.


As a result, I was chauffeured to work today by my thoughtful husband Hulk, who had to go in to his office today. Normally he works from home, but he had some stuff to do onsite. Since he works in San Jose, the commute is no joke. At least I still got to relax and have someone else responsible for my transport today, as usual 🙂

I decided to hop on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon again!

Thank you to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting the link-up!

So, I’ve been trying to record at least most of my eats, so this is just an added bit of fun to join other bloggers in a link up. Because it’s always more fun with friends!


And in still obsessed with the fact I can do collages now. Those aren’t going away anytime soon.

Breakfast of eggs, apple, sweet potato
Second breakfast of a sausage breakfast sandwich
Lunch of kale salad with tuna
Snack of trail mix.

Dinner was not pictured because it was the usual throw-things-together-with-a-cranky-attention-starved-toddler scenario. Hulk started heating some leftovers – ground beef, chicken, and cabbage – and I topped it off with some spices. Delicious, but not the most photogenic. So, your welcome for one less slightly disgusting picture of everything-in-a-pan dinner.

That’s all I’ve got. Go and have a most magical day!;

Treat Yourself Tuesday #6 – it’s back!

Hey hey hey! How are you doing today?

Off note, I still love this song:

So how goes it?

I decided to jump back on the linkup bandwagon for Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine‘s Treat Yourself Tuesday!


I think it’s important to give yourself a treat or a little “me” time as often as possible to keep yourself refreshed and happy. Here’s what I did this week to treat myself:

1. Two naps over the weekend. That’s right, two.

2. I went to a friend’s birthday party, and therefore had birthday cake! Yay, cake!

3. I’ve been indulging in a wee bit of internet shopping. Even though I live in a shopping Mecca right off Union Square, I rather dislike in-person shopping. Especially with a two year old. So I found out that J Crew was having an online sale and scored some white pants for summer for $40. Hellz yeah!

20140325-065457.jpg (source)

I just recently discovered J Crew and don’t know where I’ve been all my life.

4. All the snacks. My hunger has been off the charts lately, and I’m less concerned with snacking in between meals than I used to be.


All that plus a single-serving bag if chips, a cookie, and a huge bowl of strawberries pre-bedtime. Fooooood.

5. Cutting myself a lot of slack. I’m going through a life-goals-reexamination again, and am slowly identifying habits and activities I probably don’t need to continue doing. More on that, and spring cleaning in general, to come. But overall I’m getting better at not overwhelming myself with tasks and saying it’s okay to just veg on the couch with a movie. Last night we watched “Django Unchained”, which I really liked only it did make me sort of nauseated at parts. I must be getting more fragile as I age.

Wait, no, I’m not. We watched this, too. Oh, my beloved Archer.

20140325-082831.jpg (source)


That’s all for me, kids. Go take this Tuesday and treat yourself!

Travel Food and Tips

Good Morning! Or afternoon/evening depending on from when and where you are reading this.

Yesterday was kind of “one of those days”, so I would like to quietly move on and look forward to the rest of the week. Well, it wasn’t all bad. I had an awesome lunch.


Fried chicken, broccoli slaw, an entire raw bell pepper, and 1/2 an avocado. Plus a copious amount of strawberries.

So, moving on. Happy Monday!


Some cheesy Facebook motivation for the week.

I started my day off right with a happy little scramble with bell pepper, zucchini, and Italian herbs.


Today I want to talk about what I do for “healthy” food when I’m on the road. I like to use  quotes when talking about “healthy” food because we are all special and unique snowflakes, and one person’s version of healthy can be completely different than another person’s version. So play around and figure out what’s best for you, and make your own “healthy”!

I travel a lot for work, and usually during travel and at my destination my preferred food choices are limited at best. My first couple of trips consisted of a few days of sad salad bar salads and bun-less burgers with a sad side salad, until I would give up midweek and eat pizza and sandwiches and whatever else I wanted because I was so tired of sad salads. I am human, after all. I want my food to taste good.

Now when I travel, I prep some food to take with me to supplement the little good stuff I can find.


(My stash of goodies on the airplane)

You’ll have to experiment with what works for your situation. I know I have a kitchenette in the hotel I usually stay at, so I’m okay with bringing stuff that requires refrigeration since I can stash it as soon as I get to the hotel.

Anyway, this is what’s in a typical “Emily Eats Weird Food” carry on:

  • Packs of tuna
  • Packs of almond butter
  • Olives
  • Homemade trail mix: nuts, coconut chips, dried fruit
  • Apples or cuties, or both
  • Hardboiled eggs (in a leak-proof container!)
  • Carrots or baby carrots
  • Other cut up raw veggies: bell peppers, cucumber, etc.
  • A small container of coconut oil (to replace margarine at some restaurants where I know they don’t have butter)
  • A water bottle!

I usually stick all my food in a reusable grocery bag in my carry-on, so if anything gets leaky my bag doesn’t stink like olive brine and hard-boiled eggs. Then on the plane when it’s snack time, I whip out my bag and feast! I can also supplement those sad salad dinners when I end up at some Pasta-R-Us restaurant or a fry-it-all sports bar during the week; when I get back to my hotel room, I can pound some tuna or a couple of eggs and finally feel like I’ve had a meal.

I hope that gives you some ideas the next time you’re trying to travel paleo or on a Whole30!

Do you have any travel food ideas to share?

Time to do my weekly prep, and get ready for a fabulous day! TTFN (ta-ta for now!)

I <3 Weekends

Hey, kids!

So, I normally don’t post on weekends, but I’m trying it out. It’s kind of like how if you exercise every day it’s harder to miss a day when you’re on a streak, I’m thinking it’ll be easier to fit blogging in if it’s something I do daily. So here you go.

Friday’s eats:


Egg scramble with cabbage, zucchini, and sriratcha, lunch of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato, snack of a very underripe pear and AB pack, another snack of a handful of butterfinger bites, quick dinner of leftover Indian lamb curry and rice.

I ended up waking at 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep. I counted sheep, tried reading my book, then finally gave up at 7:00 and hit the farmers market solo. Usually Squshy accompanies me but he was still asleep so I took advantage of the “me” time.


Yay, mornings!

When I got home Squish was up in full force, so since the rest of the house was still sleeping, I took him to the California Academy of Science, something that’s been on ye olde bucket list for a while.


Squish really liked the aquarium. He was mesmerized when we went through the underwater tunnel where you can see the huge fish above you.


I tried to get a picture of him and a fish, but neither the toddler nor the fish would cooperate. This was the best shot I could get.

Then we both went home and napped. Because naps are good.

We had a friend’s birthday party tonight, so I had to make me pretty and stuff. Here’s my new hairdo, with makeup done and everything.


Tomorrow’s agenda includes a brunch date with my besties, some spring cleaning, and maybe a hip hop class. We’ll see where the Sunday fun takes us.

I ❤ weekends!


Getting Fixed Up, Finally!

Happy Friday, bloggies!

I’m once again posting in between sets at the gym.


Hey, it’s my first time in the gym since Sunday. Woot.


Anyway, yesterday was crazy. Hulk and I had dentist appointments, so we had a little “dental date” heading up to Healdsburg for the teeth cleaning, then having some brunch together.


What’s a blog post without an awful selfie?

We brunched at a new restaurant opened by some of our friends. I had the “blue plate special” of bangers and mash, with local braised cabbage and kale salad. I am so in love with that dish, it was superb.


Also on the eats, a snack of banana and Larabar on the way to the doctor, and beef hash with sweet tater as a snack. We also had Indian for dinner because, why not? We ate on the roof so I was too busy keeping Squishy from smearing curry all over the lounge chairs to take a pic.

I finally saw the doc about my hamstrings. He agreed that the pain I’ve been feeling is coming from the insertion point deep in the back of my hip where the hamstring connects up to the pelvis, the ischial tuberosity. He gave me a list of local physical therapists to choose from that he knows well and said he’d get me a referral to whichever I chose. So now begins the research project of finding a PT that might take my insurance. I’m probably going to end up playing out-of-pocket for treatment, but it’ll probably be worth it if I can run again, from a quality of life standpoint. Argh, I’m so cheap.

Also, the doc recommended Rolfing. Apparently it’s a type of massage technique where they sort of “go nuts” with some deep tissue movement, and there’s a specific schedule of the treatment plan that includes several stages. It’s really expensive, twice what a normal massage costs, and the treatment plan can take up to 10 visits. I’m hoping I don’t need to go down that road because for sure insurance doesn’t cover it, so it’s totally out of pocket.

I’m hoping to meet a physical therapist and hopefully get a game plan of exercises and stuff I can do at home, with a deep tissue massage to supplement. Then maybe I can start running pain-free again! Wheee!

Whelp, that was my last set. Make it a great day, and happy weekend if I don’t see ya!