Daylight Savings Sucks. Again.

Hey hey hey! I am so fired up for this week. I did some shopping damage for new workout clothes, tore it up in the weight room today, and had a massage. Or as I like to call it, a “massahhhge.” I’ve been using Groupon for all of my beauty stuff lately, since it’s so much cheaper than paying full price. It’s a bit of a craps shoot on quality, but for $30 I’m not expecting massage miracles. Just work the kinks in my hammies out and I’m good. Fortunately the gal I saw today was good and knew her stuff. I left with messy massage hair and that airy-fairy feeling where I’m walking but I feel like I’m taking a luxurious nap.

I’m going to start logging my food again. With all the travel and craziness of late I’ve sort of neglected my little notebook and haven’t bothered with it. I’ve been a bit crank-tastic this weekend and I’m sure it’s because I indulged a bit more last week than I thought I was. So here was today:

Breakfast: bacon ‘n’ eggs, clementine, coffee, bone broth

Lunch: beef hash with onion and cabbage, topped with 1/2 avocado and 1/2 sweet potato. Dear God, that was good stuff.


Just had a post workout snack of a can of tuna with the other 1/2 avocado and some dijon mustard mixed in. Haven’t thought about dinner yet but since it’s late it’ll probably be something light and simple like a salad with the few meager veggies we have in the fridge. I haven’t been shopping for real yet since I got back from Pittsburgh last week, I just picked up some staples on Friday and we’ve been grazing on what’s left since then.

Oh, and daylight savings time, once again, sucks. I hate it. Fall DST sucks because suddenly it’s dark in the morning, and Spring DST sucks because you lose an hour. All my plans ruined because of losing an hour. All of them, it was inevitable. An hour made all that difference.

Okay, done whining. Better make a quick shopping run and do some food prep before it gets too late.

See you Monday!