Stop. Eating. Cupcakes.

Happy Monday, y’all!

I had a rest day today, as I am awfully sore from yesterday’s massage and lifting session. It was probably dumb to go lifting after a massage, but I bought some cute workout clothes and couldn’t wait to sweat in them.

Hulk helped me make breakfast this morning, but by the time I got to work I realized I only ate a couple slices of bacon while I ran around packing my bag. I had to dive into my lunch early. I was sad; my avocado was bad and all moldy. But I still had some carrots, apple and AB, and a splendiferous salad with tuna, greens, radishes, and bell pepper.



Last night we watched “This is 40”. I found these in the break area, and couldn’t help but hear Leslie Mann’s voice scream, “STOP EATING CUPCAKES! JUST STOP!”



I stopped.

I worked late and threw down some chicken thighs that I prepped last night before running errands with the Squish monster and reading some stories while Hulk hit the gym.

Time to crack a beer, because it’s “Archer” time! Have a great night, kids!


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