A Toddler on Fire, and a REAL Fire

Whaddap, blogsters. Time for another edition of eats and wacky hijinks from the city!

Breakfast was the usual slam-bang-dash, but I took time to put it on a pretty plate for you. I know, I know, I really shouldn’t have.


Nuked eggs, a couple of cuties, and some leftover (*ahem* extra-) roasted brussel sprouts I found in the back of the fridge that still smelled okay.

I also packed my lunch, very reminiscent to yesterday’s. And about every home-brought lunch I have ever made, I suppose. At least 80% of them consist of the majority of the following components:


My beloved tuna; salad with greens, radishes, bell pepper, and egg; sweet potato cubes in butter, carrots sticks, and an AB packet.

I made a Starbucks run on the way to work. I was rushed and feeling crappy, so I thought a little Zen tea would be a treat.


Of course the cup drooled hot tea all over my hand as I rode accross the complex from Starbucks to the office. Of course it did. Eh, better than coffee, that stuff stinks when you spill it.

Work was uneventful. The real drama came as picture texts from Hulk that afternoon.


Yeah, um, that’s the view from our apartment. And that giant inferno is an apartment building that was under construction over in China Basin. Fortunately it hasn’t opened yet so I imagine the number of people affected was small, but that was just crazy. No idea what happened. I would be so pissed if I pre-signed a lease there.

Anyway, to add to the afternoon drama there were major Caltrain delays so the trains were crazy crowded. I was denied boarding with my bike for my usual train and had to wait until the next one, which was delayed. I didn’t end up home until close to 8:00. Squish was literally running circles around the coffee table and Hulk was passed out on the bed going, “he just won’t stop!” So it must have been one of those days. I had Squish help me throw dinner together,


Leftover rotisserie chicken, green beans, and the last of the leftover sweet potato. Squish “did” the green beans (I let him season them with the salt) so he was proud of himself that they were edible and stuff.

Now I’m at the gym blogging in between sets and thinking about how much I want bed right now. And tomorrow I get to do it all over again, yay! 😏

TTFN! (That’s “ta-ta for now”)

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