Weekend Recap: Ramen, Tree Hugging, and Sunshine

Well, happy Monday to you! And happy St. Patrick’s Day. I am wearing green, but I haven’t drank any Guinness. Yet.

I had a super busy weekend over here. The good kind of busy, where there was so much fun stuff going on I really had to cram to fit it all in.

Friday started off with my usual Friday breakfast indulgence.



Sausage, egg and cheese croissant from the cafe downstairs, and a Nespresso. Seriously loving the Nespresso machine they put in at work.

For lunch I went out for ramen with my coworkers. I have never had “real” ramen. Let me tell you, real ramen is not what I ate in college. Not by a long shot.



I had the “salt” broth (don’t remember what it was called for sure) with clams. It was soooooo good. I am now a ramen addict.

Friday night we found a sitter for the Squish and met my coworkers up for some drinks at a new brewery in Dogpatch called Double Voodoo. It was really great beer, but don’t bother ordering food. They serve from the mexican restaurant next door, and although by the time we finally got our food it was really good, we waited well over an hour before it was delivered. I am probably the most patient person in the world when it comes to restaurant service, and even I was giving the poor servers the stink eye. If you go there, just drink and go out for food later.

Saturday we had a work-sponsored hike in Muir Woods in Marin. I had never been there, but I was excited for the opportunity to finally escape the concrete jungle and embrace my inner tree hugger.


Tree love.

Anyway, it was gorgeous weather all weekend, so we were there with about 10,000 of our closest friends. Seriously, it was packed.



This tree was sprouted around 707 AD. NBD or anything.



Lots of green goodness. Oh, and I finally learned how to make collages with Instagram.



Jamba Juice was our post-3.5 hr hike snack. Seriously, we hiked for forever. My glutes still hurt from it.



While I was hiking, Hulk had the Squish. They went out for a boys’ brunch.




As a result of my extended time in nature, I went to bed early and slept like the dead. Which meant I was up with the birds Sunday morning, so I got in a workout while everyone else slept in.



Messy bed/gym hair.

Now that I was up and bouncing around, I wanted to drag the family out of the house to once again enjoy the weather. We packed up and headed to Dolores Park.



Squish LOVES riding the bus. “Bus! Wheee!”

We were not the only ones with this idea.



Hulk napped in the grass while Squish and I tore up the playground. Then I grabbed some take-out pizza from Delfina, a restaurant my bro used to work at near the park. Squish ended up passing out in the stroller so Hulk and I enjoyed our picnic before heading back home to deal with reality. And by reality, I mean chores and stuff.

Snacked on a Kind bar in between grocery shopping and weekly food prep.



And I prepped some food for the week:

  • Ground beef
  • Roasted chicken thighs
  • HB eggs
  • Chopped raw veggies
  • Roasted sweet potatoes

And after all that, I still forgot to pack my lunch today. That is how the world works, after all.

Time to get cracking on the day, hope you had a great Monday!