Back in the Blog Thing

You guys, I FINALLY feel like I’m getting back into the blog thing after taking a break for a while and easing back into it. I am so excited to grow this little webby site and put it all out there, if only for my own amusement. Plus, it’s kind of fun to “look back when”. I’ve started putting together a new page of some of my favorite old Munchies ‘n’ Marvels posts, when Squish was a bitty thing and we were renovating a house in the ‘burbs. That’s a fun project.

Anyway, my hunger was all over the place yesterday, and nothing was stopping food from going into my face.


Sausage breakfast sammy from the downstairs cafe, one of these crack bars Kashi coconut and chocolate granola bars, pita chips and hummus, deviled eggs, coconut water, and dried mango. Carby much?

Hey now, I took the stairs to my floor. Twice.


See? That’s the inside of the stairwell. Proof I was there.

And I had a small win at work I had to brag to Hulk about.


Anyone else do a happy dance to celebrate success? I always do one in my head, sometimes physically in person.

Make it a great day! It’s almost Friiidaaaay!