Getting Fixed Up, Finally!

Happy Friday, bloggies!

I’m once again posting in between sets at the gym.


Hey, it’s my first time in the gym since Sunday. Woot.


Anyway, yesterday was crazy. Hulk and I had dentist appointments, so we had a little “dental date” heading up to Healdsburg for the teeth cleaning, then having some brunch together.


What’s a blog post without an awful selfie?

We brunched at a new restaurant opened by some of our friends. I had the “blue plate special” of bangers and mash, with local braised cabbage and kale salad. I am so in love with that dish, it was superb.


Also on the eats, a snack of banana and Larabar on the way to the doctor, and beef hash with sweet tater as a snack. We also had Indian for dinner because, why not? We ate on the roof so I was too busy keeping Squishy from smearing curry all over the lounge chairs to take a pic.

I finally saw the doc about my hamstrings. He agreed that the pain I’ve been feeling is coming from the insertion point deep in the back of my hip where the hamstring connects up to the pelvis, the ischial tuberosity. He gave me a list of local physical therapists to choose from that he knows well and said he’d get me a referral to whichever I chose. So now begins the research project of finding a PT that might take my insurance. I’m probably going to end up playing out-of-pocket for treatment, but it’ll probably be worth it if I can run again, from a quality of life standpoint. Argh, I’m so cheap.

Also, the doc recommended Rolfing. Apparently it’s a type of massage technique where they sort of “go nuts” with some deep tissue movement, and there’s a specific schedule of the treatment plan that includes several stages. It’s really expensive, twice what a normal massage costs, and the treatment plan can take up to 10 visits. I’m hoping I don’t need to go down that road because for sure insurance doesn’t cover it, so it’s totally out of pocket.

I’m hoping to meet a physical therapist and hopefully get a game plan of exercises and stuff I can do at home, with a deep tissue massage to supplement. Then maybe I can start running pain-free again! Wheee!

Whelp, that was my last set. Make it a great day, and happy weekend if I don’t see ya!

2 thoughts on “Getting Fixed Up, Finally!

  1. Rolfing?!? That is definitely one Ive not heard of before but if it works it may be worth the money.

    Not good on your hamstrings but good at least you know what it is. The amount of money I’ve paid my physio so I can run is way too much but to me it is totally worth it 😉

    Welcome back to the land of blogging by the way!!

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