Coffee, Kale Smoothies, and Underground Kitchens

Happy Friday to you! Hooray for Friday, it’s a favorite.

I was feeling downright crappy yesterday, so I spent a sick day at home. The extra rest seemed to do the trick, as I’m feeling much better today. However, I don’t have too many exciting stories to share besides, “and then I took a nap”. So here’s some catch-up stuff!

Did you know I’ve given up coffee? Yup, I’ve been caffeine-free for about 10 days now, dropping it cold turkey. I miss it a little bit, but after getting through those first few horrible withdrawl days, I don’t really want to go back.

Away from me, ye devil drink! Chocolates, you can stay.

I was getting up to about 5 cups a day and it was ridiculous. I couldn’t make it through the afternoon without a pick-me-up. So I dropped it to see if it would help with my energy and sleep. So far no changes, but if I can make it 30 days or so we’ll see if it starts to help.

Now that I’ve dropped all caffeine, all I have pretty much drank lately is water. Which is awesome, but boring. So suddenly I’ve been craving Jamba Juice and smoothies.


Now they have green smoothies at Jamba Juice, so I think I’m set for a while. I’m digging the Apples ‘n’ Greens (apple, kale, peach, banana, mango, and I think a few unicorn kisses).

One of the things I love about the city is all sorts of hidden hole-in-the-wall spots that are just special hidden gems. The other day I was craving pho, so I did some Yelping and found a decent pho place by our apartment. Turns out it’s in a little food court in the basement of a building.


We got there just after the lunch rush so it wasn’t hard to find a table, but the International Food Court reminds me of a mall food court, but only with authentic Asian cuisine offerings. I made a beeline to my pho place, and we ordered the beef special.


This bowl was serious as big as my head. Hulk and I could have split one and still have leftovers. And for $8. That’s lunch in SF, my friends. I ended up taking half of it home, no surprises there.

Finally, Hulk and I have had two gym dates this week! I love going to the gym together. Back in the day, when it was the off-season and Hulk wasn’t riding as much we would go to the gym every day and work out together. It’s a nice way to get some “date” time in while multitasking it with a workout.

Allright, I’ll stop talking now. You go out and enjoy your Friday!

4 thoughts on “Coffee, Kale Smoothies, and Underground Kitchens

  1. My husband forgot to bring his coffee to work one day a few weeks ago and had a huge headache all day, plus fell asleep for the night at 8:30pm haha Since then he realized how addicted to the stuff he was becoming, took a little break, and now enjoys less of it but loves it even more. I had to laugh a bit at him, but I’m proud of him for taking a little step back. I bet, like him, you’ll appreciate it more (with less) once you have it back! 🙂

  2. I hope you feel better now!

    I gave up coffee about 4 years ago as I used to be addicted too. Now I just drink Chai’s or Earl Grey tea and feel much better for it. I do remember how hard the first few days without coffee was though, no fun. Well done for getting through 10 days!

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