Time Zone Warp

Whyyy is it so early?!?

I’m on the east coast this week, meaning I’m 3 hours ahead where my body thinks I should be. I can wake up early for a workout normally with minimal difficulty, but when the alarm says 6:00 and your body thinks it’s 3:00, you have a bit of an, “are you serious?” rebellion brewing.

Whatever. We got it done.


I’m in Pittsburgh, across from PNC Park where the Pittsburgh Pirates play. I forgot that it was the MLB season opener this week, meaning this usually dead part of the city is absolutely swarming with baseball fans. Like, my cab had a hard time driving to the hotel with all the partygoers flooding the streets. Oh, you got a win? Awesome, I’ve been traveling since 2am your time, lemme go to bed.


On the bright side, I kind of took all the spinach at the hotel breakfast buffet.


There are eggs under there, I swear.

In other news, it’s April Fools’ Day! I debated on texting Hulk that I’m pregnant, but that joke’s a bit bust. I should have saved the social medial announcement for today. That would have been awesome, in a sort of Andy Kaufman way.

But given that it is April 1st, I should roll out some goals for this month. You know, so I have something hanging over my head to give me additional anxiety to the average everyday pressures of life. Here’s what I’m doing:

April Goals!

  • No more candy/sweets. Just knock it off.
  • Pick a PMP certification training plan and register for the exam
  • Work out at least 4 days a week
  • Drink 4 water bottles a day

That may be a manageable list.

Time to get this party started. Go make it a great day, kids!



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