More Randoms

Airport blogging once again! I’m just a few short hours away from home and the family, so here’s some random stuff to gear up for the weekend!

Apparently Minnesota hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s spring.


So glad I’m headed to SF.

J. Crew has advertised a white linen blazer as “wear it 100’s of ways!” I can sure do that! Wear it with coffee, with pasta sauce, with mustard … Possibilities are endless!

I have to give a video interview for work today. Great, so now the whole company can see how horribly awkward I am in front of a camera.

I made an unintentional goal of eating at least 1 salad a day, and it’s actually working. It seems that goals I make on the fly always stick better than ones I plan out ahead of time.

That’s all have a happy Friday!;