Weekend Recap: Sunny Days

It’s another Monday!



We had a super lazy weekend over here. I am trying to remember what we did Saturday. I think it was lay around and watch “Adventure Time”. I’m trying to find shows that I can watch with Squish that are somewhat age appropriate but don’t bore me to tears. I am silently posting a boycott of “Thomas and Friends”, although Squish doesn’t know that yet.

Sunday was super warm and sunny, so we picked up some McDonalds to go and had a picnic on the roof.


Squish didn’t complain. But he didn’t get a toy in his Happy Meal. What is up with that?


Then we did laps.


And got some sun.

And then we napped. That was about it.

I might as well start looking into how I’m doing on my goals this month.

  • No more candy/sweets. Just knock it off. – Well, our neighbor dropped off a box of Turkish Delights yesterday. And Squish and I split an ice cream. So, it hasn’t been 100%. We’ll see how it goes when I get back to the office and am tempted by all the office goodies.
  • Pick a PMP certification training plan and register for the exam – No progress yet. I should probably get on it. But I have 3 weeks to go, right?
  • Work out at least 4 days a week – I worked out Monday, Tuesday, and twice on Thursday, so that’s 4x! Close enough, yay!
  • Drink 4 water bottles a day – I didn’t track over the weekend, but during the weekdays I definitely got my water in.

Well, that’s fun.

All right, time to go throw up a bit (yay, morning sickness!) and head to work. Make it a great day!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Sunny Days

  1. Hi Emily,

    By the way, I recognize that rooftop. That’s the place I lived when I first moved here to SF. No wonder you are so close to Target and Whole Foods for grocery shopping. The place we live now in Nob Hill is rent-controlled, and I LOVE the neighborhood, but that is one nice rooftop you’ve got there.


    • Oh, that’s crazy! Small world. I love living here, but we’ll probably have to find more appropriate accommodations when baby #2 comes. Nob Hill is great, I have some friends there!

  2. So in my first post of yours that I read I discovered you have the most adorable kid with the best nickname ever, are also appalled by the lack of toys appearing in happy meals these days (I have a niece and nephew who LOVE mcDs and I secretly I have an obsession with their fries even though it takes 10 years off my life when I eat them…whatevs), I have no clue what PMP is and you’re pregs (wahooooo! minus the puking).

    I like you.

  3. All the photos of Squish in this post are just too cute 🙂

    I hope your morning sickness goes away soon. One of my friends is currently pregnant too and has had morning sickness for 3 months solid and says it has been no fun.

    P.S. not cool about the lack of a toy!

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